Glowforge - Work Area lighting

This should probably go under stupid question of the day category, but. . .

Is there any type of lightening that should avoid being used in illuminating the work area around the Glowforge unit? Any type of lighting that might negatively impact the operation of the GF unit such as something like camera focusing? Obviously not any kind of issue with my CNC router or 3D printer as they do not have that sort of “bio-feedback” type functionality of the Glowforge with its cameras.


Well… I think lightening strikes should be avoided in general… :wink:

As for lighting I know that there was a time when the GF was having trouble with direct sunlight but that may have been solved.


I fully intend to have a 1/2" grounding cable to earth wrapped around the perimeter of my Glowforge. :wink:


When my son had his CNC plasma rig wired up the electrician recommended a dedicated grounding rod.
I would like to understand why the new house grounding structure was not sufficient?


This may have some answers in it Glowforges at conferences (CES and elsewhere)

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This was Feb 2nd


CNC Plasmas are very susceptible to “noise” using the same ground as everything else can cause a lot of random issues that don’t make any sense. The electronics just hate it.

All three of the plasma tables I maintain have a dedicated ground rod(or three) to ensure we avoid those little gremlins.

We even wrap our cables and wires in a figure 8 to avoid any other issues with noise interference in the signals.


That makes sense, thank you!
So the household ground will be fine for our laser?

if the plasma some how managed to run up crazy high amps or volts or both then to get the the house ground it would have to use the cooper in the house to get there and it may not have been rated for that abuse, vs having 0 gauge to a ground spike right at the machine

O ya and what soldier said


I believe so but I have never owned a laser :wink:

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I see, Thank you!

can we use the glowforge interior lighting as mood lighting on date night or is that likely to make me single again?


I have worked on industrial machine vision systems and lighting does have a huge impact on the ability to do machine vision reliably. I’m sure there is an engineer at Glowforge who at one point argued to have a completely closed box (without glass top) to have 100% control of the lighting.

I’m sure occasionally some users will experience problems caused by lighting but I’m sure they will manage to get it right most of the time :slight_smile:


my shop has huge skylights that let in natural light. I figured if it’s too bright for the computer vision cameras, I’d just put automotive tint on the glass top.

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We’re already much more flexible with regards to the amount of ambient lighting, and it will get still better before we ship. If you wind up with really bright direct sunlight and sharp shadows, it may still throw off the trace function (because the shadow looks like a line) - but worst case you can solve that by putting a piece of cardboard over the glass when you take the image.

Exactly this.


I fully intend the glowforge to be my deal-closer.


You’ll really be able to set the mood if we can get the Glowforge to make music like 3D printers: