Glowforge, you need to do better. Cricut does so much more than your company!

I know Glowforge doesn’t see this, but in hopes they do. Cricut sells to Canada, they have free shipping to Canada, they have support in Canada that doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars. If Cricut can do that why can’t Glowforge? If you are going to send to Canada, you need to have shipping, parts, maintance, available in Canada, so we don’t have to ship out. We are your biggest consumer next to the US. If other companies can do it, I have faith that you can do it as well. Glow-forge you need to do better with your Canadian neighbor. We shouldn’t have to ship to the US for maintenance or parts!

If you already know they won’t see it here, what’s the point of posting it here? If you’re just wanting to stir people up, it works a lot better over on the Facebook groups.

If you actually want them to hear your complaint, send it to Nobody here can do anything about it.


Also, previously grievously:

Maybe it’s nice to know you’re not alone or something?

You’re not the first to complain about this, you’re just unfortunately wasting your time doing it here, as you know. @geek2nurse knows what’s up.


They do not sell to Canada. They are in Canada. They are much higher volume than Glowforge, much older company than Glowforge, and have deals with many international companies that can pack Cricuts with all their other stuff.

Most of all they are not high tech lasers that have far more government concerns than knives so there is no comparison. Nobody is going to be blinded by misuse of their Cricut.


I have nothing to add to this thread except that’s my favorite thing I read on the internet today.


Okie Dokie! Thanks for your response. Didn’t want to stir anybody up, or cause any issues. I retract my post. Carry on everyone. Thanks to everyone that so kindly answered.

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No need to retract anything, you’re totally right. Glowforge’s Canadian shipping is absurd, and they need to hear about it as many times as it takes for them to fix it. I hope your email to them is the tipping point, good luck!


I second that.

Thank you!

I wasn’t going to reply, but I didn’t expect a nasty response from you. You are normally so kind and helpful. I wasn’t trying to stir anything up. I LOVE my glowforge, just don’t understand their shipping fees for parts and materials, and can’t understand why they can’t work something out with a country that they chose to ship too. I know nobody here can do anything, sometimes people just need to vent with out being judged so harshly. I thought this was a community where we can share things, apparently I was wrong. Thank you for the info on where I should submit my complaint, I will do that.

You are correct, they are in Canada now. But I was receiving free shipping from them if I ordered a certain amount long before they actually moved into Canadian territory. I would think Glowforge should be able to do the same. They offer a product to Canada, but no support, products or supplies without paying an arm and a leg. I love my GLOWFORGE! I just wish they offered support for a product they ship to our country. Sorry if my post rubbed you the wrong way. And yeah nobody is blinded by misuse of their Cricut. love my Cricut as much as my Glowforge! Thank you for your response, I do actually value it!

A glowforge is not a cricut. They are very different machines and weights and complexity. You can reach out to glowforge directly and ask why they are not following the same model as cricut or if they even have the same ability.


Yes I know that. No need to reach out, just wonder why a company that is striving to make it and started selling to Canada, can’t offer deals on shipping or materials, or anything that would make it worthwhile to order a Glowforge in Canada. I love my machine, but theres upcoming competition out there and if Glowforge doesn’t step up, they will lose out. They don’t have a great rating (even if I love them), it doesn’t count for much.

I understand, but that is what you can reach out to glowforge and ask. They would be the ones that know. Nothing wrong with wanting to know, but glowforge really is the only one that can explain their partnering/serving choices.


I suspect it has to do with the Canadian regulations for imports. (Things like lasers have to meet safety regulations that are different in each country, based on what their governments have set up as law. In addition, wood product imports are regulated in Canada. Import permits and phytosanitary certification is required.) Glowforge can’t do anything about it except follow the rules for each country they deal with.

Which increases the cost to get it into that country. Sometimes significantly. (People don’t work for free, and the buyer ultimately has to shoulder any cost for any governmental regulations if they want the product.)

What cha gonna do? :woman_shrugging:


First let me preface this by stating that I consider the members here to be the nicest crowd around. We are all a little defensive when someone slanders the machine or just goes on a tirade but we are also as helpful as can be when someone has an issue. Like most people here I really like the GF and have hoped since day one they would get better with responding to issues as well as finding cheaper shipping methods to Canada.
I was one of the people who ordered during the crowd funding era. I have since come to understand GF does not give a hoot what we think here in Canada. They have our money (though not getting any more from me) and apparently that is all they were after. Someone forgot to mention to them in one of their board meetings that after sales are as, if not more, important than initial sales. C’est la vie.


It’s not limited to outside the US. Their after-sale interactions leave much to be desired - from service/repair to parts and supplies, even here in the US.

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I didn’t read @geek2nurse response as nasty. Fb is a better place to vent if you want to blow off steam, this is a better place to get some advice on what to do to get your goal met. If your goal is to vent or blow off steam, fb really is a good place to do it.


Neither did I.


Oops I didn’t mean to @ you! Sorry :upside_down_face: