Gold mirrored acrylic from Inventables


Has anyone had success cutting the gold mirrored acrylic from Inventables? After much testing I’ve found that cutting works best using black acrylic proof grade as the material setting, and cutting from the back.

HOWEVER, it seems to overheat the foil that is used for the mirror, creating vapor channels that ruin the project. Any ideas?


I’d probably try multiple passes at reduced power.


Hi there, I’ve cut the mirrored acrylic (Not from inventables) selecting (Clear Acrylic) Proofgrade settings and cutting the design from the back. Didn’t have any problem with it! (Pro Machine)


Thanks, I’ll give that a try. That’s some awesome work!


I’ve also cut their mirrored, from the back, but I removed the plastic & replaced it with the 6” low tack masking tape. Pretty sure I also used black PF setting. Now I buy my mirrored locally, don’t re-mask, cut from the top and use orange PG setting for gold & yellow PG setting for silver,


I’ve been successful with their 1/8" think Gold Mirrored Arcylic. Good thru cute, with Settings:
Power: Full-power ( Standard Glowforge )
Speed: 175.

Was able to cut out detailed 1.5" names cards for a wedding, used a nice curvy font.