Good deal on 1/16" wood sampler pack

I am sorely tempted but have all the materials I need.

Several people have ordered from this seller on the forum, it’s good quality and he ships quickly. Someone needs to snag this, keep it in the GF family :slight_smile:


Great for veneer, if you are doing veneer.

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Not today, but I totes saved that seller. Any idea what the truly purple wood is?

Probably purple heart.


Other posts about him:

He generally has good stuff.


I’m working on a small book cover out of 1/16". The funny thing is I bought it from him not noticing how thin it was and then I was like, what the heck am I going to do with this weird weight of wood?!

That was my first guess, but you’d think he’d list that in the description! One of the first cars I learned to drive in had a purple heart shift head. That thing glowed because it was always getting polished by our hands. I miss that car

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1/16" makes excellent dividers in boxes of moderate size:

The vertical dividers are 1/16" maple, I think I actually got it from Kim, now that you mention it.

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That would require me to make boxes…

Maybe when I get a studio (I’m on a waitlist) and have room to leave things out somewhere.


You mean like this? :wink:


Yeah, he’s really good with that sort of thing. And he’s even labeled the individual pieces in all the orders I’ve received.


LOL - turns out my app had frozen. All I got was (20) Walnut with no scroll…your post made me go back and refresh the app :stuck_out_tongue: That’s what I get for trusting eBay! Thanks :slight_smile:

Wish this was listed as “buy it now”, I would have bought it already (even if it was higher priced, like I assume it would).

Stupid auctions have to be babysat if you want to win.


I would have bought it first, though, so count your blessings. ; )


If it’d been buy it now, I would never have posted it :wink:


Yeah, obviously that was not directed at you! I should have quoted the comment about “buy it now.”

Heh, I know :slight_smile:

:airplane: Right. Over. My. Head.

At least still a chance to bid!

Who won?! :slight_smile: