Got my golden ticket, but haven't hit go

I got my golden ticket email last week for a pro, but I haven’t hit the go button yet.

I am hung up on the fact that NRTL certification is not done yet. If OSHA doesn’t think it’s ok for these to be in a business/office, why would I feel ok having it around my family (and myself). What if there are one or more changes that effect safety? I’ve waited 2 years, wouldn’t it be better to wait a little longer and be sure that a third party lab agrees that it’s ok to have this in the house?

Am I wrong on this?


Go ahead and accept…

Here is @dan comment on NRTL


we are a UL approved manufacturer and assumed GF had already received their NRTL certification. Why is this taking so long? anyone know?


Ultimately it has to be your call. No one else knows your comfort level. (I’ve been using one for about seven months now, and so far, I seem to have retained most of my sanity.)


It has to be your call. If it was truly an undisclosed and undiscovered safety matter that they had to resolve, it could fall under a recall/repair kind of issue.

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I think I’ll wait a bit to decide…maybe there will be an October update…and maybe it will have more concrete information or a date for an NRTL cert.


You have 30 days to decide if you want to wait or accept. For a device like this you normally need to certify to multiple standards and it would be nice to know which ones have been passed, which ones have passed but the final report is in process and which ones are incomplete.


Good plan. There ought to be an update soon.

There shouldn’t be a problem at all. There are much less safe lasers out there in homes. I can open my k40 while running, and I do it often. As long as you’re wearing laser glasses you should be completely fine.


Well, you asked, so I’ll tell you… You’re the only one that needs to find some comfort here. That said, my opinion is, say yes.

My Glowforge seems safer than most appliances/tools I have in the house. The kids required very little training in using it. (The wife’s a different story.)


You make a good point, most machines that get certification come with the stamp or mark indicating they are compliant. I can’t remember exactly, but if memory serves its not legal to mark a machine as compliant when it is not. It may be that there is a resell issue with Glowforges that have not been “marked or stamped” with the certifications. I don’t plan to sell my forge but its still a consideration for future options. I have not seen anything from Glowforge indicating that they will send out stickers for the machines already shipped.


Any update on NRTL certification? It’s been 3 months since I chose to wait for it, and I haven’t seen any update (did I miss anything?)…also I don’t have an estimated shipping date on my account page. It would be nice to at least have that.

I understand it’s policy not to comment until it’s done, but it’s not much different from international customers who I believe at least get an estimated shipping notification date on their account page.

Anyone else waiting on NRTL?

I think you nailed it with not much different from international customers. My guess is about the time of the first international shipments is when it’ll be announced. There are some threads around here where international customers update their estimated date and iirc the earliest ones are April-ish. They were March-ish, but I think they got pushed back.

I am one of the first pro customers (filters included) and my filter was originally Jan, then Feb and last time I looked is now March. No idea if that correlates. The filter would have its own certifications, but they probably don’t want to ship international glowforges and make them wait on the filter as well. Or maybe they will? Who knows.

International here.

Initially: 3 March
Now : 3 April

Initially Dan said that Pro orders for internationals were likely to be delivered first because they were being fulfilled quicker at the factory. I do not know where they are right now with all that.
Although i did not order a filter and have not been lookong out for info on them i have seen nothing to suggest they will wait and deliver both at once

No updates.

Please contact support so they can help!