Got Stamp Rubber Material - now what? :)


My machine is bricked due to the cold weather this week but eager to try laser cutting stamp once it warms a bit over 5 degree Celsius. Anyone else tried stamps and have suggested settings? If not, I will probably start with settings suggested by Trodac. I researched alot of videos and noticed alot I’d them did 2 or 3 passes when doing the final cut so I assume that’s to prevent over burning?


I’ve got a sheet of that stuff but still haven’t tried it so I’ve got nothing for you from a settings standpoint. But from a design standpoint there’s a couple things:

  1. Don’t forget to reverse the design so it stamps properly (you’d be surprised how easy it is to forget that).

  2. Try to create a greyscale ramp from the stamping surface to the background. This will provide a wide base for the design and support thin details. Otherwise if you deeply engrave thin designs with no base support, they will bend when you try to use the stamp.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with for settings!


Hmm there was a great thread about stamps, where’d that go?

You could ask @marmak3261, if it’s not buried in the replies.

And here:

@aj_stewped has you covered!