Got THE email for my PRO order!


Says delivery may take up to 6 weeks… So close!!!

Today is the PRO Launch Day - June 30th
Discussion of the August 2017 update
July Update, Part II

You forgot “FIRST!” :slight_smile:




Dang! Missed the betting pool by a week! Congratulations! :confetti_ball::champagne::tada::balloon::heart:️:sunglasses:


SWEET! Congrats!!


Woohoo! You’re going to love it. :slight_smile:




mine took 14 days from email to my doorstep. I live pretty close to where they make these. Congrats!


Thanks @Dan and team! We’re absolutely pumped to start playing with it and creating amazing things. We appreciate y’all’s focus on ensuring we all receive a great, fully baked product, even at the cost of agonizing delays - I’m sure it’s going to be worth it!!! KEEPING MY EYES PEELED FOR A TRACKING NUMBER!


Congratulations! And so begins my incessant refreshing of my email.


And for those of you playing along at home, trying to guess at shipping times and methods, the OP said that he ordered on the morning of the first day of the campaign:

I’m choosing to take this as a great sign that things are moving along as promised! Some will try to spin it in other directions, but I’m going to remain hopeful. Congrats @adrainf on being the first Pro recipient that we know of, and congrats to @dan and @staff! Big milestone here, I hope you celebrate well (and safely) this weekend :slight_smile: :tada: :fireworks: :confetti_ball: :sparkler:


What time do they knock off for the weekend? Wondering how many hours I’ve got before I decide I’m not getting it today…


For those that are curious, order history in my user profile says I placed my order on September 24, 2015 at 7:31am.



They are pacific time and Rita sleeps about as much as dan so don’t give up until 12 pdst.


Dang I’ve got a long evening ahead better get get some beer and sit on the deck in front of a fire…


Whoa! you have a Pro!!! I didn’t even see that! Congrats!! Make sure to sign up with UPS My Choice. it gives you a much better idea of when things will be coming than relying on the glowforge shipping email.


No pressure but everyone with a pro will be watching you like a hawk looking for a report.


Yeah, no pressure :roll_eyes:


You’d think these emails would be batched and all go out together on a daily basis.
Well, maybe you wouldn’t but I would…


I’m already setup with UPS my choice and have all forms of notification enabled!! Stay tuned!!