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I’m sure several of you already follow them and have seen this, but here it is anyway, a dymaxian globe made on a laser.



I found some Prime transfer tape on Amazon for under $8. I hope some of you brilliant people out there can determine if the cheap stuff is laser safe:

And here is the crazy expensive tape dispenser on Amazon (probably a good project to make and save that money!):

QOTD from Glowforge: What Proofgrade materials do you want?

oh THAT’s cool


At 6:20, he mentions having done his first version on their Glowforge and how when he went to their other laser, it took some “finnessing” to get it right. That’s a good sign for a novice like me!


Just a heads up on that transfer tape, that price is marked up about 5X because it’s only 10ft, and since it’s been re-rolled onto a new core, it’s likely lost a good chunk of its tackiness. A fresh 300ft roll is around $50 and while that sounds like a lot of material, you’ll burn through it in no time.


This is really good to know!

I’ve been waiting to pick some up and this will help a lot


Stay away from the clear transfer/application tape: it is PVC based.


So this is a no go?

I was looking to find out what it was made of but couldn’t easily see anything


that stuff is probably a no-go, but I can’t be sure without seeing a product sheet or an MSDS (which vinyl ease is not providing).

Personally, I would go with something known to be laser-safe, from a manufacturer who is willing and able to give you the information about their product.

Two well known (competing) brands for transfer/app tape are TransferRite and R.Tape, both of which make certain products that are laser-safe, and other products that aren’t. Oracal (orafol americas, posted above) makes clear pvc-based transfer tape and translucent paper-based transfer tape: you need to make sure you get the correct version, so I (personally) would stay away from vendors who don’t list the specific product number.

I’m partial to the TransferRite stuff myself, I have both the high-tack and the med-tack.
This is what their rep gave me when I asked about laser-safe transfer tape:


this is what an R.Tape rep gave me when I asked for laser-safe transfer tape:

QOTD from Glowforge: What Proofgrade materials do you want?

I see what you did there. :wink:


I would love to see this Dymaxion Globe cut with frosted acrylic and then backlit with LEDs from within to give it a soft glow. You could probably even cut a small hole for microUSB charging.


Well, that was unintentional. Hahaha!


I did a quick search for paper transfer tape and got a lot of results. Any of the plastic stuff is probably a no go, but some had reviews saying they used it on their laser as a mask.