QOTD from Glowforge: What Proofgrade materials do you want?

Conspiracy-Grade? :male_detective:


I got some 2.75 mm 3ply Baltic birch through Amazon that would be cool

Well, now I have ravens on the mind.

conscientious objector ply?


A major part of this thread is from a long time ago, but I imagine actual delivery of GF’s has resurrected it. Some impressive lists shown above.

One thing I am currently hunting would maybe make a nice addition.
I have seen video of people using a mildly sticky Transfer Paper to hold down on the heat blur with etching of various grade lumbers. I am now trying to determine which of the many available would possibly work best.

A do it your self proof grade may not be where you are heading, but some, slightly tacky, 12” transfer paper with some sort of low tech dispenser would be exactly what I am looking for at this time, and hopefully before my GF ships. It would save a lot of trial and error to find one with the right amount of Tacky versus non removable burnt glue.

I have a lot of wood scraps and veneer strips laying about just waiting for That email and access to the catalog. Plenty to play with while waiting for the proof grade orders to arrive.

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you may find some good info in this thread about a tested video.

a number of people talk in the responses about transfer paper and the dispenser that was used in the video.

I mention a few of them here (with photos of the product id label)

commercially available dispensers are nice, but pricey. It is remarkable easy to make your own. I made mine with supplies from the plumbing dept at Home Despot, shown in this post:


I didn’t see any dispenser links (except the one on Amazon that is $78) in the linked post, just the tape itself. Am I missing something?

Whoops… You were only missing the correct link, 'cause I posted the same one twice. It has been fixed.

Ahhh…I remember that one. In fact I was looking for it in my bookmarks but that’s just a mess. I use a couple of sizes now - 6 & 12" - never used to use it at all because I’d just run a sander over the final results or used blue painters tape. But I got spoiled with PG and the full width masking that stuff uses :smile: so now I need a roller dispenser/cutter.

This is another homemade idea:

or, if you have many extra monies, you could send me a finder’s fee for telling you to go buy one of these:


If I get that bottom one I’m gonna need a bigger laser :smile: I was noodling one with a built in cutter bar so I can make straight cuts of the tape easily. Also likely to make it shorter (closer to the table) tall enough to fit the rolls I use but low enough that I’m not running a big extra piece due to the angle of approach.

Lower is good if you have a tensioned bar. If you leave it loose like mine is, the extra height lets you mask the length of the table without worrying about the material drooping partway through and causing creases/air bubbles.

*edit- in fact, now that I think about it, I had originally planned to have three bars so that I could keep a 48" roll on there as well, but that lowest position didn’t work out too well and I ditched it.

I don’t have one yet, but I’ve been thinking about picking up another BigSqueegee product… or making something similar. The idea (at around 4min) is simple and sound:


i want a sampler chain of all available materials (that gets updated as new materials are added!) … it would be awesome to be able to glance at the material samples as i am designing and then be able to order the ones i want (instead of having to order materials just to see what they look like).


This would be smart for them to offer at a nominal price and then maintain for free.

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Suggestion gets my vote as well.

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Transparent Orange acrylic.

For people doing any applications that involve UV light, transparent orange makes the best windows, because it does the best at filtering UV light of transparent acrylic options.

For people doing UV applications, having proofgrade access to this would be fantastic (such as those working with resin DLP 3d printers)


I’d love to get pack with a ‘chip’ of each material with sample cut, score, engrave, and a little text label. I’d pay for it, to know how each proofgrade cuts before picking what to order.


I know it wouldn’t help you know beforehand, but at could least as a reference for after the fact…I’ve been making my own sample size of each thing that I’ve ordered. No score, but certainly cut and engraved with the name of the material. Made them with a hole so they could be grouped together on a carabiner. I’ve sent duplicates to my out-of-state brother as well, so he can see first hand what material he might like when we collaborate on a project via long distance.