Great customer service!


It was only a few days ago when I received my Glowforge. My excitement did not last long after I found out the following day that a part on my GF was broken. I immediately contacted customer support and posted my problem. I got a quick response from the forum members and GF sent me the replacement part to include complete tutorial on how to fix it. Great!!! now Im back to printing.

Concerned about damages

Wow, they sent the entire head carriage and belt instead of just a hex wrench and bearing? That’s … exceedingly above.

Now you have oodles of spare parts! :slight_smile:




If you look my initial post it was on the 3rd of October and I received the part today October 5. It wasn’t difficult to install


I think this is one thing that is not getting enough air time.

From an outside view (because International = no 'forge yet) it seems that problems are being resolved pretty fast once they are clearly identified.

Stoked you got such a quick resolution


That’s great news! Looking forward to your next post with project photos!


Awesome! First time we’ve seen a replacement part instead of having to send the machine back? Bodes well for quicker resolution of simple problems.


Super! So glad you didn’t have to return the machine! Now you’re up and 'forging again! :smile:


I am thrilled to see this. I thought they said they were replacing your entire machine. SO glad they decided to go this route instead!

I hope it’s an easy fix! Please let us know how it goes!


Now this is far greater news than many will first understand. Up until this point, as far as we knew, GF has avoided sending replacement parts or modules. Just ship the machine back. That didn’t bode well for International buyers. But this is great.

Now the remaining question… Did you let GF know in your problem report that you had worked on CNCs and such or did they ask if you were experienced with the mechanical and electrical and then send the module? Many of us would be comfortable with disassembling and reassembling the entire unit. I caveat that knowing that we don’t have the assembly jigs and test tools. Can’t know yet which of those might have DIY work arounds.


Yes this is great news. Being able to do simple repairs with provided parts is excellent all the way around. I’d happily sign a “here are the instructions but you are liable and if you don’t get it right you’ll need to pay for service” document if it meant getting back up and running in a couple days. Not everyone is all that handy, but for those of us that are this possibility is a real boon. Glad to hear you got right back to it!


Wow I thought this was going to be another machine swap.



Speaking of which, what is happening with your GF :glowforge:?


I dropped it off at FedEx yesterday. No tracking for the replacement yet.

Edit: tracking received. Looks like it went out around 11:45 the night of 10/5/2017




Another benefit is you now have an up close understanding of the mechanism, its operation, disassembly and reassembly.
That translates into a deeper comfort level with your beloved. :sunglasses:


Super! :grinning:


Great reporting! Glad you’re up and running again!