Great deal on 2 ply Engraving Acrylic


I’ve now got the hang of using 2 color engraving plastic. Take the plastic film off before engraving!!

Here’s a few pics of an over-built holder for Lego Dimensions video game pieces. Each series of characters will have its own display. Figures in the front and gadget or vehicle in the back. The green is the 2 ply engraving acrylic.

I’m going to throw in a question for any Acrylic gurus. The base is 2 layers of acrylic, one with a circle cutout so that the piece has a nice surround to hold it in place. When I tried to bond them together, SciGrip 4 ran between and caused “crazing” between the two layers. Any good way to bond them? A different formulation of SciGrip maybe?

This green over white acrylic was from Inventables.

Now on to the info referenced in the Topic title. Here is a spot that is having a “garage sale” as they move out of some product lines to carry mostly the Gemini brand of acrylic.

Most of this is thin 2 ply engraving acrylic and the garage sale price is $2.50 per 12x24 inch sheet. They shipped fast and well packaged. There are 2 things to consider. Be careful when ordering. Always start your search from the Garage Sale page and make sure the category you are looking at does not say “Rotary Only”. The next thing is that they don’t provide shipping cost until your order is placed and they invoice you. That could be a concern, but the price of the material is so low that even high shipping costs can make it worthwhile. They ship UPS and charge by weight. I went crazy and ordered lots. The weight was 44 pounds and shipping was $33.00. It ended up being about $3.30 per 12x24 sheet. Lots of color combos, but as it is an inventory liquidation sale, No idea how long the variety will last.

Hope this interests a few of you.


I like it a lot :smile:


Very nice. Here is an older topic that discusses solvent adhesive solutions for acrylic. I have had some good luck making joins fairly invisible with acrylic in acetone.


Those are really nice storage displays! Great job on it! (And is that a flying monkey?) :wink:


Took me a while before I found the quarter-sheet price of $2.50. Select “Options” next to the $10.00 price in each listing.


Absolutely, the Monkey is in the Oz engrave on the sides. The character in the back is playable in the video game and can be ridden on to attack. Can get some weird combinations, like Scooby-Doo riding a Flying Monkey to attack street thugs.


Thanks! I’ll revisit that topic. Appreciate you pointing me back to it.


The two color acrylic looks so dramatic and impressive! Very nice Wizard font too. . .


@markevans36301 needs to see that! :slightly_smiling_face:


Saw it and thanks for thinking of me. My lofty little simeons live in a slightly different universe but oh so simular.


Can one ever have too many flying monkeys? :smile:


No, I don’t think you can. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well there you go. I wasn’t planning on buying $100 worth of plastic today but that just happened. Thanks for another good source of material.


Thanks for letting us know. Just bought some!



And real nice work on your cases!!!


Thanks. They are set up for easy access, so no top or front. Normally they will be on shelves, but you can see that the 2 tone center panel is a little taller than the sides. That’s intentional. The bottoms have engraved grooves that this can fit into so they can be stacked and moved with pretty good stability. Need to get going on more. I have some set up, but have to tweak the designs a bit. My material sizing wasn’t quite right when originally laid out.


Nice design!!!

I plan on making acrylic shelves for all of my Firefly items. My Wife’s psyched about that. I say “my” Firefly stuff, but she’s kinda claimed it all as her own. :wink:


I got a lot better at using scigrip//Weldon formula 4 with practice. Using a syringe bottle that was 3 or 4 oz and had some flex to it was handy. I bought some stuff 1 oz bottles and they were the worst.

As long as I held it in place without any movement for about 45 seconds, with clean hands, then being careful to gently set it down, I won’t get any crazing.


When the monkeys are being sent after you 1 is too many.


Thanks for the tip!! Just placed an order. I have plans for a Star Wars figure table that may be calling for this material. A little testing required after I get my Glowforge.