Grid overlay

Is there anyway in a future update that a simple grid overlay could be an option not a carving overlay just a simple grid alignment would be a real help not a carving grid alignment that could be switched in larger and smaller increments.

Anyway didn’t know where to post it.

It is a good idea, and one that has been requested before. Perhaps one day it will be a reality. For now there are work arounds.


Thank you so much for your suggestion @allen-deckard.

We love to know how we can improve our App.

I’ve passed your feedback on to our team!

In the meantime, would you tell me a little bit more about the prints you’re performing?

Perhaps I can make suggestions towards reliable, and easily reproducible prints.

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What prints? All over the board from watch bands, lanyard stuff, keychain stuff, wood maps, signs, picture frames, boxes. Never really limited to any certain thing.

Thank you for the additional context. I can see how printing on a wide range of materials and objects could make setting up prints challenging!

As far as general tips go, here are two posts in particular where other Glowforge owners have shared methods they used beyond the tools in our app to align prints:

We’ll ensure that your suggestion is shared with our product team. If you run into trouble with your Glowforge, or have other questions, please reach out and we’ll be happy to help!