Handy Reminder! Glowforge Rules

I’ve ruined a few prints because I forgot specific steps that I was supposed to follow, and this has caused me to think about ways to remember what I’m supposed to do. Whether it’s because I forgot to realign, ignore a layer, turn a layer back on, it doesn’t matter. I will forget something here and there, and it’s so frustrating…I have a chalk board that I have above Harrison Glowforge and I wrote on it to remind me to account for the alignment dilemma, but that’s not in my face when placing into the GFUI and certainly not where I’m looking when hitting the print button, so I had to figure out a way to make sure I would see the steps I needed to take in order to have more successful prints.This is when it dawned on me - where am I consistently looking when designing? My laptop. Okay, so with that figured out the rest fell into the place.

I present to you, my Glowforge Rules:

Here they are placed on my laptop:

This was done on the :proofgrade: walnut veneer, and I’ve gotta say, this was one of those projects where I just stood there with a dumb grin on my face when this finished engraving. By the way, every rule applies to something I do frequently, especially rule number 4…:laughing:


This is so great! My favorite is the last one :slight_smile:


Nicly done, I need something like this for my repeat ofender mistakes.


I love it! That’s the nicest “To Do” list I think I’ve seen! :smile:


@kittski The last one is the cherry on top! I’ve been doing a lot of keychains that are exactly the same so the allure of the glowforge was kind of missing, but this one was a good reminder that this machine is very capable of amazing things, and that every once in a while I need to change things up!

@markevans36301I had even thought of making one of these plaques for the glass above my button on the glowforge, but there’s always so much clutter that it would have just been covered :sweat_smile: Perhaps I’ll let my wife write on my chalkboard that has a friendly reminder to keep my area clean! I do encourage doing something similar, though. It’s disappointing when you don’t catch the mistake and you’ve ended up wasting material.

@Jules I appreciate the feedback! A lot of not so nice things kept coming to mind when I ran into these problems, but I think this will help heaps :yum:


Can you explain tip #3? I’m still a bit new to figuring out alignment… does this help with that?

Thinking that was specific to their machine’s misalignment.


That was done waaaaay in the beginning of time when alignment was really off. :smile:

Now you want to run the Calibration Program here , and use Set Focus here to improve your alignment.


Definitely follow what @Jules said. This was in a time when alignment was a much bigger issue than it is nowadays! Crazy to think how much has changed since this post was made around a year and a half ago.


Thank you!!

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Yes! Very this! I have been guilty of all of those on more than one occasion. :grin:

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I’m still guilty of them!