Hanging Around


Always in awe of those that can easily create professional looking, artistic and precision things. I tend to be more of a “keep it mostly functional”, 2X4 quality builder. So here’s my first design for a folk style balance toy. 12" tall. 3 minutes in the Glowforge, a lifetime on the shelf.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending March 25th, 2017

Love it! :grin:


Well now that is just wonderful. It goes well with the dancing man instrument!


That came out great!


that is great! Love the head tilt and the strumming arm :smile:


Someone to pluck banjos with when no one else is available!


I have never seen anything like this. It’s so cool!


Swag for the mailbox!


The wife just asked me to design a half dozen of these types of balance toys so that she can run them down to the local art/craft coop next week. It’s pretty easy to come up with the different designs. Ideas have been floating around in my head for years, waiting for me to get more than a passing interest in wood craft. The laser just makes it painless.

At dinner she was whining that the toy needed a stand. Not everyone would want it on a shelf. 30 minutes later.

Now I need to make the unpainted parts in Proofgrade ply and add an engraving.


Those would be a great catalog item…hint, hint. :wink:


I think this machine is bringing out your inner artist. Well done!


Needs a weight at the bottom to swing properly and I happened to have a bag of very large ball bearings. Just pressed one into the hole without any glue. Not everyone would have those. A large heavy 1" nut or something would work just fine but the design would need to change so that it looked decent…


Awesome project @rpegg, making wv proud!


You wouldn’t happen to go the Hinton fall festival during the CSX train trips do you? Would be nice to meet up sometime.


You had mentioned that before. Had never heard of it but looked it up at the time. Ya never know.




Dude, I can buy a ball bearing! :smiley:


I absolutely love this. So simplistic in design…yet has movement and charm. :relaxed:


I remember seeing things like this at the craft fairs I went to with my dad as a teenager.
Amidst the pop culture references and cosplay these are a breath of fresh air (no hate, it is just overwhelming sometimes).


Been thinking about you ever since receiving the Pre-Release. Kind of sucks that you’ve been without a unit for so long. It’s one thing to be poor when you have known nothing else. It’s another to lose everything and know what you once had.