Happy Halloween! Ooooooohhhhhhhh!


Non-laser costume category, so this doesn’t get to go into Project Inspiration, but this isn’t this year’s costume anyway…no time for one this year.

Post your favorite costumed selfies here, so I can get some ideas for next year’s party. (I almost hate to do this after seeing the others that got posted today, but I’m either brave or stupid…)

Or maybe I’m…

Robin Hood.

Okay, some of you need to post your costumes here…don’t leave me hanging…

Glowforge shipping date, beta releases, and bonus materials

I tried but it won’t let me upload a picture for some reason


Be safe out there.


Ooooo, good one! The nerds always have the best Halloween displays.

We didn’t dress up, but we did gather at the end of our driveway and sang “Monster Mash”


Took me about 3 tries…I think Discourse is being sluggish tonight.


Oh, that is freaking awesome! (Did you create that display?)




Wow! That is the BEST dog costume I have ever seen!
(But didn’t it cause a kink in your neck?) :wink:



OK, so I’m a nerd:

There are not a lot of opportunities to wear this hat. (and yes, it would have been easier with a GF)


Dude, we need a demo of this.


The glowing end points north. The marks on the hat show which way you’re facing. What’s to demo? (Oh, yeah, you can’t see the marks while you’re wearing it, so you have to ask someone else…)

(If anyone wants to borrow it, I could probably send it along – I’ve worn it, the 11-year-old has worn it, it’s been to parties at the local makerspace, so it’s pretty much over.)


ROFL! Because I’ve never seen a walking human compass before…totally unique idea! :grin:


I blame Adafruit.


Didnt dress up myself but made this for my 23 year old…lol. Easiest costume yet…lol


I have wanted to do this since seeing the Blue Man Group in concert!


Okay, is that a digital creation, or have you been cutting loose with the LED rope? (Fantastic!)


Its actually elwire sewn onto a black morph suit.


You can sort of see it better in these…


Love you as Robin Hood!!!