Harry Potter Wand Box

I’ve been planning to make a wand box for my daughter ever since I saw a previous post that inspired me. Originally, I wanted to make it for her for Xmas, but I didn’t have my GF by that time so no luck.

Headed to LA tomorrow to visit her, so over the weekend, I finally bit the bullet and got to work.
This is the first project where I designed a box from scratch in Illustrator and I am very pleased with the results!! Best way to learn is to push yourself to new things :slight_smile:

The music box was off ebay (Hedwig’s theme) and I was so pleased at how the hole alignment was perfect the first time by working off the measurements from the ebay seller’s layout diagram.

One neat feature of the slider cover is the half circle finger pull. I used a half circle with a gradient and cut it with vary power.

Overall, pleased with the results and can’t wait to give it to her tomorrow :slight_smile:



Very nice results! (I presume she has a wand ready for it?) :slightly_smiling_face:


I think she has at least six wands…she worked at Harry Potter World in LA for about a year and a half :slight_smile:


Absolutely beautiful


This is beautiful! Love the added music box and finger pull


Wonderful! the finger pull has been put in my book of useful design touches. Thanks!


Wait wait wait… That’s nothing new. My uncle used to use that “pull my finger” thing all the time. :wink:


My own take on the ‘finger pull’ would be to cut out the D-shape, glue it back at an angle, then sand off the back flush with lid.
It’s a technique I have often used to give the appearance of a carved design, starting lower than the surface at one end, then rising above the surface at the other.
If I could only find the photo of the fan I mentioned in another posting, I’d post it !:thinking:
John :upside_down_face:


I think I understand what you’re saying. And that sounds like it would look great. Do you have a pic of an example?

Still looking for them !

Found them

The box is wood, with the ‘feather’ showing the technique I was referring to, and the fan is carbon fibre with titanium guards.
I made this about 25 years ago, and it’s taken me a little while to work out how the sticks rotation is limited, as I can’t see any ribbon or thread !
The answer is hidden down in the pivot .
My own solution.


Oh, wow. That really is something!

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Wow! There aren’t enough hearts for me to click on this one!


Looks really nice! Will be an awesome gift!

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What a lovely wand box! The addition of the music box just makes it. She will be thrilled!

And John, that is one gorgeous fan!

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Great job on this!

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How did you make the finger pull? I definitely need to get better at illustrator. My wife would love this!

I will try to write up some instructions for the pull after I return from LA.


I’m just nosy and want to know how she reacted. lol

She loved it :slight_smile: She actually had to wipe her eyes several times, so I think it was a success. :slight_smile:


I put together the tutorial for the circle pull. Hope this helps!


Steps for creating finger pull with a gradient using Photoshop.pdf (340.5 KB)