Have you engraved a wood flash drive?

I have a couple of walnut word flash drives about 1/4" thick. Has anyone engraved something like this and do you have any advice/settings for them? Thanks so much for any ideas before I melt these or something worse.

I’ve seen a few aluminum flashdrives on the forum. I’d say make sure it’s real wood, make a jig and test it with Walnut veneer settings.


Yes I have. Keep an eye on alignment after you press the print button in the user interface. Sometimes it refocuses and your image will no
Longer be aligned. If it happens, just realign your design on screen and try again.


Use a tape alignment jig and no problem.

Put blue painters tape on the crumb tray.

Score the outline of your thumb drive right into the tape. .

Place thumb drive on the tape in the right spot.

Turn off the score and engrave. Completely ignore the camera, the tape outline is exactly where the engrave will hit.


i did walnut thumb drives, both on the GF and on a universal.

pretty sure i started with walnut hardwood settings.

but i had a box of them and used one to do several tests to get my 3D portion right.


Very classy looking engraving. :blush:


thanks. i was very lucky that the flower illustration we used worked well as a 3D engraving without a lot of manipulation.


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