Having Trouble Calibrating

After a couple days of cutting and engraving, the Glowforge no longer completes the calibration process. It doesn’t even look like it actually begins. Everything else looks normal in the software and on the GF. If I open the lid, the app instantly recognizes it’s open. When I close the lid, it goes back to calibrating. When I power off the GF, the app shows it’s offline. When I power it back up, it goes back to calibrating.

I’ve tried everything I could find in the forum… room lights on, room lights off, powering off and repositioning the print head, powering off and removing and replacing the print head and ribbon cable, using my phone as a wifi hotspot, leaving it unplugged, repeatedly going through the setup process, and just being patient and giving it time. Nothing seems to work and the print head never moves on its own.

Here’s a little proof that it was working for a little bit…


I didn’t see you mention rebooting…it’s something to try. With the unit on, press and hold the Start button until it turns teal (ten seconds). Then turn off the unit, gently move the head under the lid camera, give it about a minute or two, then turn on the machine again.

Might help. The other thing to try is to log out of the app, give it a minute, log back in, and then reboot. That should re-establish connections.

Hope that works out.

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I assume by this that you did try the whole wifi reset routine and no go?

Thanks for your suggestions @Jules . You’ve been a big help in the forum. I followed your advice for the settings on that race medal I posted.

I actually did try the trick with the start button. I’ve even completely quit my browser and restarted my computer. And @marmak3261, I went back and forth a few times between my home network and hotspot without any luck. I can see every time the GF joins my phone’s network, and it always shows up in the GF app, so it doesn’t look like a connection issue.

Not sure what it does, but once, when I restarted the GF, I held down the print button as I powered it back on and it turned a pink/purple color.

Here’s the video I made for the support team…


Woa. That is interesting. This is a normal hard reset routine for many electronics. At no time in the past year of public Glowforge use has this been mentioned as a procedure to try. Very few hardware related things have been recommened. Turning the power off is one. Pressing the hardware print button and holding for reset is another. Double checking the ribbon connection is another. Other than that, there isn’t much we can do to the Glowforge. Though wifi issues have been mentioned in many cases, but these are network issues and not necessarily the Glowforge.

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Yeah, that was always the go-to method for my old routers. It feels like it’s just hung up and needs a deeper reboot.

I’m so sorry your Glowforge is having trouble calibrating. I’m taking a look.

Unfortunately, I’ve determined your unit has a problem I can’t solve remotely. I suggest we replace this unit and I’ll contact you via email to sort out the details. I’m so sorry for the bad news.