Head leaning out of place

I have already sent a support ticket in. I cannot get past the calibration. I have cleaned everything. I believe it is how the head is not seated correctly in the unit. When I go to reinstall the head unit the platform where it clicks onto the magnets the platform does not stay with the wheels on the edge of the metal and the weight of the head causes it to lean forward instead of straight up. Can that be fixed? Anyone have that experience? Very frustrated! Never had this problem.

Can you take some pictures and post them so we can see what you are describing?


I believe that is sitting in the correct position…it’s supposed to sit out away from the metal rail…the only thing holding it down is the magnets.

Is it tilted? Mine sits out away from the bar, but it sits pretty much upright. There are two rounded out slots in the head that hug the posts that the wheels are on, but they just go around the posts, there’s nothing actually putting pressure on the head to hold it in place.

Well it is tilted. Hard to photograph. shouldn’t the wheels ride on the iip that sticks out of gantry? if the head is not upright wouldn’t the camera have a hard time helping calibrate the head. I believe before I had this problem the head was sitting upright.

Hang on…I’m taking some pictures…

Okay, you can see where the wheels contact the gantry in the picture below…if you take your head off and gently set it on the tray you should be able to see something that looks like this…


The grooves on the wheels ride on the lowest lip of the gantry.


If you look at the inside (back) of the head assembly you will see two channels that fit around the posts for the wheels on the platform. And the card at the top of the head goes underneath the black bar at at the top of the gantry, so you just slide it in underneath the black bar at the top and let the magnets grab the head. They will suck it into place. It should sit upright on the platform.


That’s my problem! When I put the head on it snaps into place but pushes the wheels under the gantry. I don’t know why I’m having trouble. Unless I’m doing something wrong or the belt has too much slack all of a sudden. Thank you for spending so much time. Maybe I’m just not thinking right. I’ve reinstalled the head before after cleaning and did not have a problem.

Is the platform loose? You might want to take the head off, set it aside, and gently press down on the platform.

Yes I have taken the head off multiple times and I can press on the platform and it will bend down and the wheels will come off the lip of the gantry. I don’t know what would cause it to get loose.

Bad screws? Definitely a problem…I wouldn’t try to run it again until you hear from support. Sorry about that. :neutral_face:

Thanks for your concern. I’ll am waiting.

The back wheels are spring loaded which locks the front wheels in place. There are instructions from support somewhere on how to reseat the bracket. Can’t search for it easily from here. Someone will point to the post.


I found the post from staff that shows how the carriage plate is attached. You won’t need all of these steps, and shouldn’t need to remove the belt, but may be enough for you to reseat the metal plate properly.

The important part is to notice how the rear wheels are spring loaded.


Thank you.

Thank you! I was able to reset the carriage! Glowforge back up!


Glowforge back up! Thank you for your help!


Great! Did you have to reset the platform?


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That was a great find @rpegg! :sunglasses::+1:


Thanks for posting those instructions, @rpegg!

I’m so sorry you ran into this issue, and I’m glad you’ve solved it.

I’m going to close this topic. Please post a new one if you have any other questions.

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