Head not moving . Stuck on centering

I cleaned the lenses, camera and lid this morning, printed fine this afternoon, left laser on while I was in am meeting, then loaded a new sheet and imported files once I was ready to go it gave “camera did not take a picture” I turned machine off then back on, same issue. I followed all the steps and still have the same problem. I did see this same topic for another that was closed out. Attached are photos of the three connections you asked for in the other post.

Stuck on centering can be a black cable issue - but often it’s a WiFi stability issue. With the machine off, place the laser head directly under the camera and then turn it back on - see if that addresses it. If not, there are a bunch of steps you can try here:

I have run through the trouble shooting for the wifi and it is still giving me the same message

I’m going through the same issue right now. I sent pictures and the troubleshooting steps I had taken to customer service. After seeing pictures and looking through my machine log, they determined I need a new black lid cable. They said they would send it right away, but that was 3 days ago, and I haven’t gotten any confirmation or tracking number. So frustrating!! The timing could not be worse. I put a post on a GF user group to see if anyone has a spare they would sell to me. Hopefully someone will!!

Hi @nic1. It looks like we were able to address this in another support thread, so I’ll go ahead and close this Community thread to avoid any potential confusion. We received your last response, and our team that handles replacement part orders will be following up with you next through email. Thank you!