Height of top of metal section of black crumb tray from metal plate


Can anyone provide the height of the top of the metal hex mesh of the black crumb tray to the metal plate? I’d love to have that for items that need the crumb tray removed :grin:

Engraving experiments in pine

@henryhbk did a complete tutorial on cutting without a tray. But his measurement (1.3") was a bit different than mine (1.38") so I use 1.4" when I’m running without the tray as the “distance to 0” for calculating what I then need to tell the GFUI the height of the material is.


I got 1.37" when I’d measured mine, so I’d say you and I are certainly within tolerance.


Didn’t, you, @henryhbk, and @jamesdhatch all at least start with an older (not black) version of the crumb tray? Does the black crumb tray have the same dimension specs as the old one?

Also, @gernreich: some materials can be fairly inconsistent in thickness. If you plan on doing any work that depends on material thickness (boxes, slots, many 3D projects), you might want to get yourself a pair of digital calipers.


I still have the original PRU non-black tray


Yes so it’s a good idea to measure your tray. I used a caliper gauge that has an extension out the end to measure height vs using the jaws. Just extended it until it hit the bottom while resting the large portion of the caliper bar on the honeycomb.


I haven’t measured. But, because :proofgrade: needs to work with both trays, I imagine it is the same height. Otherwise they’d have a bit of a mess on their hands since the settings wouldn’t work for all.


Mines a pre-release so it might be slightly different, but I just taped the number on there for future reference


This discussion is why it’d be nice to have the option to enter “distance from laser” along with “distance above crumb tray.”


some day auto focus will shake loose from the hopper and focus can be moved to distance above/below material surface.


Thank you all for the feedback! :grin:


I just measured mine and decided "roughly 1.3"
since I’m engraving gravel, the exact measurement isn’t critical.
Then I found this most excellent discussion.

I agree. Get yourself some calipers. Well worth every penny even if I did miss the amazon sale that 35+ people enjoyed.


I’ll post my measurements too :grin:


My older style PRU crumb tray is 1.3605 according to my calipers.


1.387" :slightly_smiling_face: