Hello World!


It is finally here, and it works! I almost pulled the ripcord on this project so many times, but I’m happy I stuck it out.

A huge thanks to Jules for posting and updating the settings for cutting cardboard. These settings work great: https://community.glowforge.com/t/settings-for-cutting-scoring-corrugated-cardboard/9713

Here are the first results:

Yes, it is a first attempt at the world. All the way from solidworks to a solid model in one evening :sunglasses:

Here are some others:


Cute projects! I can tell you are already having a bunch of fun.


Yep! I agree! Awesome! :slightly_smiling_face:


Looking great, can’t wait til my GF Pro comes…


Totally cool


All praise his noodaly apendage! Someone who observses talk like a pirate day I see.


Cool sphere. Did you make the design yourself or did you get the pattern from somewhere? I’m going to have to play with some structures like that.


Ahhh a fellow pastafarian! This work was truly touched by his noodly appendage.


Hang in there! You’ll love it when arrives. Also, if you get familiar with your preferred editing program before it arrives you will be a lot happier with yourself. I waited and thus had a couple of days going through tutorials before I could really get going on my own designs.


Thanks! I modeled it myself in solidworks, then saved each profile out as a dxf and imported it to inkscape. I’m a mechanical engineer so working in the parametric 3D modeling software is so much easier for me than the 2D graphics programs.


I see there are some brothers of the sauce here to welcome me. Thanks! Ramen!


Yes, a number of us here wear the colander.