Help! I'm stuck on Homing

Hello everyone!

I need to troubleshoot my machine. It’s stuck on homing and won’t move or go anywhere. I looked up in the community forum before creating this ticket and followed the instructions I read in this post Stuck on Homing – Head Not Moving - Community Support - Glowforge Owners Forum

I can take a picture of how my cables look like on my end and post it. Maybe I missed something. But I was working on a order perfectly fine before this happened. So I don’t get why the cables could potentially damage in the process. I don’t think that’s the case, but if it is, what would cause it? Thanks!

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You should send pictures and that info to support by email. Posting here no longer creates a support ticket.

You should ensure you’ve performed all the troubleshooting steps on the official support pages, and let them know - otherwise they will just ask you to and confirm, which will delay the process.

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Mine Too! I wonder if it is a problem with glowforge network?
Could that make it happen?

Oh, I had no idea they changed that. I’ll try again and email them directly. Thanks for letting me know.

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My printer head problem sounds very similar to this yesterday and advised that I require a new printer head?

If glowforge support is saying that you need a new print head then you do need a new one. If you read your machine logs (which glowforge support does) you will see where it failed its checks.

Can you confirm what all your machine does when you power it on? What point in the sequence listed below is your machine getting stuck at:

  1. Inline fan starts up
  2. Clicking occurs from the print head
  3. Thud is heard from tension being put on the belt
  4. Printhead starts its steps and moves to the center of the glowforge bed

Do you have a picture of what the app is saying?

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Same problem on my side. Did all the troubleshooting steps including rebooting all my internet hardware. So far all that happens is the fan kicks on, there is a very very faint thud from the belt tensioning, and the head moves maybe 1/4" twice at startup but does not move to (0,0) or center at all.

Very very upset about this as today is one of the first days since receiving my machine where I am free all day to play with it. Starting to wonder if this was a regrettable purchase compared to other systems that are not dependent on a third party network…

@glowforge should remedy this issue asap. Ridiculous for a machine that costs this much to have these problems. I have only cut maybe a dozen things out at this point with the machine so mine is practically brand new.

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