Help Make Medical Equipment with your Glowforge

Here is a group making PPEs by combining the powers of 3d printing and laser cutting. They need laser cutters to help complete these parts! Pitch in if you can!: (using .5mm PETG) - glowforge settings included on the site!

There are also single process mask designs out there (also using .5mm PETG) that can be made to work without any 3d printing:

A large collective has been assembled of all types of makers making all types of devices at the following link:

If you can help, please sign up!

Also, if you are in the carolinas, we have a small group here dedicated to local needs as well:


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yes, the second link in my post is the “Helpful Engineer” group, and the first is utilizing the Prusa design.

Thank you!


hi trying to sign up to help with the shields posted hackaday but it is asking me for a invite code???

Can you be a little more clear? I’m not exactly where you are experiencing a problem.

As @cynd11 pointed out in the other topic its a dot org.

Thanks for posting this. I finally have some time to get the Prusa parts going to see how it all works.

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i was able to sign up thank u

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I tried to locate some 0.20 PETG. 4’ X 8’ sheets online, are as low $25 per sheet plus shipping, I assumed the shipping would make the cost prohibitive for me.

When I checked with local vendors the price was $230 to $350 per sheet. One local vendor, part of a large chain, quoted me a price of $15 per sheet but they were out of stock, because they were making face shields for re-sale.

Does anyone know what the price of PETG was before pandemic? Are these vendors price gouging?

My local supplier has them for about $13 a sheet. (Piedmont plastics) nationwide chain of supply warehouses

Where are you located?

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Spokane, WA

Hey there @takitus! I added a message on another post but found this one as well. I’m not seeing the Glowforge settings… can you share those? I was able to find .04" PETG today and want to cut a test shield. Thank you in advance!!

Hey. I can’t find the cut settings for 0.02" PETG can someone help me?

500 speed full power is what I’ve been told

I don’t have speeds for .040 as their speed system isn’t linear.

.020” is roughly 500 speed/full power

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