HELP! SVG cutting same line twice!

Aloha all,

My buddy @ethan1 is having this really strange issue where an SVG that has been set up and saved to @Jules specifications , comes in to the GFUI with no issues and shows as a single cut. BUT when you print the cut it it cuts the same line twice thus scorching the cut.

What is weird is it seems to have no ryme or reason. Some SVGs set up the same - no issue, then another file will have this issue.
Could it have anything to do with line weight? Is this a feature to do muli passes that I am somehow triggering from Illustrator?

We are confident its not my machine but an issue setting up.

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While it may look like a single line in your svg file, it is likely 2 lines (paths). There are many more on this forum who know inkscape/illustrator better than I do, who may be able to provide more help.

If you post the file, they can be quite helpful.


Another common issue is when, for instance, a rectangle that was drawn with a stroke of some width is converted to an object. This turns each edge of the stroke to a vector line. With a small stroke, it’s often not visible. I’m using Inkscape, so language may be slightly different for AI.

if you feel like posting the SVG, I’m sure someone will be happy to glance at it.

Definitely double lines, unless you are telling it to run two passes in the UI.

Not sure if you’re using Illustrator or Inkscape.

If Illustrator zoom into an affected area and hit command-y (or menu option View > Outline) and you will see them.

If Inkscape, go to menu option View > Display Mode > Outline, and you will see them.

You might have to zoom in quite a bit.


I think that is exactly what is happening – it has happened to me once or twice and I had to go back into illustrator – find the second one and delete it.


Thank you for the responses- it was indeed double lines as suggested. Now I need to backtrack and see how I accidentally created them.


I had my first attempt at making a living hinge over last weekend and found an entire row of double lines. I think the copy paste hiccuped a bit and pasted without highlighting and so I pasted again. Probably did it several times as fusion was being cranky about taking keyboard commands. I eventually found all the double in the hinge design and a few more in a couple mirrored layers on the base.


Great troubleshooting, everyone! I’m glad you’ve solved it.