Help with and kerf

Can I get some help, please…
I’m using to make a box. I want a snug fit.
My wood measures .131 inches using my calipers.
I have all my dimensions in but when I cut the finger joints are NOT sung. I still need glue.
I’m sure I’m not setting the kerf correctly, but I don’t understand what I’m doing.
Picture #1: My measurements
Picture #2: Cut Compensation Type: none. (This is what I did)
Picture #3: Cut Compensation Type: Kerf set at .008 (This was too tight)
TIA for the help😊

So kerf for different products are ‘different’. If the .008 is too tight, adjust it. You will have to test it as no one will be able to give you an exact correct answer. When you get it perfect, it will work for this board, but a different board tomorrow may require some tweaks.
Glue is a good option :upside_down_face: if you’re close


These will help with your testing :slight_smile:


Thx. I cut out the gauge in the wood I’m using. Found that my wood fits into 3.30 snugly.
“That is the dimensions you need to use in your drawing program.” where do I put this number in MakerCase?

If you make a small cut in a corner of the wood you are using you can measure it and get the real kerf. If you are designing without kerf you can do this…

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