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Help? I have only used my glowforge a couple times, but now that I am trying to use it I can’t get it to come online! I have done everything the articles say and have submitted a request and gotten no answer.
Any one know how to help??

You have successfully printed before, but now when you turn on the Glowforge the app says “offline”? You have clposed your browser, turned of the Glowforge and reset your router?

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Glowforge has a troubleshooting guide you can read through here:

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Yes have used it several times. Have done everything they said in the help guide.
I can get it to broadcast and connect to the wifi but that’s it! I can’t get the bed to refresh or anything. It shows connected to my wifi, but when I try to load the glowforge app or website on my Mac and then it says the laptop is not connected. Seems like I can connect both at the same time so I tried using my phone with my data for the app and left the glowforge on my wifi, still says it’s off line!!

I did all this multiple times and still nothing

I am not sure what is happening. Once you are connected one time, you should not have to do the setup again. If you want to reconnect, try following the instructions in this video. Set up again - #4 by Jules


Thanks for this, I get it to the point where it says it’s connected but I didn’t do that second part!
Hopefully that will fix things!! It’s getting frustrating and still haven’t gotten a response from glowforge.

I hope doing the final steps gets you printing. If not, it could be that you haven’t scrolled to the bottom of the sign-in document to click “Accept” which you need to do before you can make your 1st print.

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That worked! I totally forgot about connecting the second time!
I have a lot to learn, want to be able to do lots of things for friends and family.
Thanks for all you help. Now in to learning how to do pictures on acrylic!

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