Help! Yellow light on Glowforge and stuck in focus mode

I was cutting just fine yesterday and the printer head got bumped, I reset and cut fine then after that the yellow light came on and stays stuck in focus. I haven’t heard back from glowforge and I’ve literally done every single trouble shooting option available. I worked in it for hours yesterday. Cleaning fans, checking connections, trying to reconnect to internet etc.

If you’ve done all the troubleshooting possible, I don’t think there’s anything we can do to help you.

Thanks, I didnt know if someone else had this issue and ended up having a part replaced or knew what it needed.

Here’s a similar post that may help you gather the info needed to provide support, might help you speed up the solution.

There is no home fix, you will have to ship it back, me and Glowforge support tried everything. Have you started the support process with them yet, they may have found a fix for my broken one that they can tell you?

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I have emailed them twice and called and left a message. I’ve heard nothing yet except they emailed me once to tell me they was working on it and asked if my email and stuff was correct. Hopefully they figured yours out!

You generally won’t hear again until they know when there will be a machine available, and support will have to wait for the company that assembles and refurbishes them for that information.

Not ideal, just how it works.

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Wow that is crazy that they wouldn’t tl me something, instead of making me wait. Who knows how long that may be. Ughh wondering if I should just buy another laser but different brand.

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