High Res Maps

All - looking to find High Res versions of maps, right now specifically this one:

Google searches are very hit and miss - anyone have good resources for this?


You are looking for a high res specifically of that map, or looking for high res maps in general?

If the former: that’s a tall order, maybe try a google reverse image search?

If it’s the latter: There are several good map resources, my go to is the perry-castaneda map archive, but there are several good ones here in the forums, take some time to read through the following searches for the goods:




Even this one:


Now I feel stupid for asking, but THANK YOU! Awesome stuff!!


Naah, no need to feel stupid. Discourse can be a little tricky to search. There are so many options out there for maps. The library of congress has a metric ton of them, as do many museums (the Smithsonian comes to mind) and libraries the world over. Some are harder to download from than others, and some are copyright free while others aren’t. I’m sure you’ll find the maps you need.

Thank you @evansd2 for taking the time to share these. I somehow missed them all and hadn’t even thought of searching for this. Great stuff!

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The source for the Overlord Plan map is the Dept. of History at West Point.
11x17 PDF of Overlord Plan, Combined Bomber Offensive And German Dispositions, 6 June 1944

They’ve published a lot of military atlases as PDF sized for 11in x 17in pages. Start here: https://www.usma.edu/history/SitePages/Our%20Atlases.aspx.
Once you get to a map you want, make sure to click on the PDF icon if there is one, not the map title text, otherwise you get a low res bitmap instead.


That’s a super-cool resource. I can’t look too long or I’ll lose a month of productivity. :wink:

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