Hobbit Hole Halloween

Hey folks, thought you might like to see the latest seasonal update to my hobbit hole, originally installed in April 2020. I decided to go small for my outdoor Halloween decorating this year.

I 3D printed (resin printer) the skeleton and pumpkins, painted the pumpkins, and coated everything with clear resin to protect things from the elements. The candy corn is actual candy, with toothpicks shoved up the underside, and coated with resin.

Now, to see if anyone notices. It’s right next to the road…


My candy radar would spot those corn immediately. 50-50 I would eat them.

Hmm 90-10 I would eat them.


Well, I’ve got to say…I’ve avoided the whole Hobbit Hole thing so far…mainly because we do not have elevation here and any holes tend to fill up with water rather rapidly…but that is a cute enough idea to actually put in a hill so I can stick a hole in it. :smile:

I’d have to build it up above flood level, so a couple of feet.

Can’t wait to see the Christmas decorations!


Haha pretty cool, what do the signs say?

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With 2 coats of resin on them? Brave soul.

I’ll refer you to my previous posting on that subject: Sign for the hobbit hole

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I think that would be super cute: an eye-level hobbit hole.

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Ah they are the political ones.

Stupid soul. FTFY. :slight_smile:

Don’t underestimate how much I love candy corn, it usually ends badly.

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You are making your neighborhood so fun. It would be engaging to have a tiny camera available to catch the reactions from passersby.


This is wonderful.

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I love it! I have completely forgotten about my resin printer… now I think I need to make some Halloween items!

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Oh my goodness!!! So adorable!!!

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