How Can I Buy A compact Filter or the Glowforge Filter Seperately

I have a glowforge plus and want to now buy a filter so I don’t have to vent out my window - is there an option to buy separately? I only see an option bundled with a new glowforge

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Good luck, I purchased my air filter with my unit over a year ago and have not received my air filter yet. The shipping date for air filter has been pushed back several times. My current ship date is October 2019, and purchased January last year.

Compact filter:

@davidaspitzer I feel as if Dan recently said that they are working towards allowing standalone purchases, maybe in the thread I linked to above.

hmmm - looks like sourcing my own may be the way to go

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I wonder if this would work

Indeed. We serviced all orders for customers who wanted to exchange their Glowforge Air Filter order for a Compact Filter, and are now building for our package with new units. We’re not offering it as a separate product for sale yet. We’ll be sure to let people know when that’s available as an option.