How do I get anybody from glowforge to reply to my messages or help me with my refurbished machine

How do I get the glowforge support team to reply to my messages?

Here’s my dilema

I bought a regular glowforge about 2 yrs ago I need to upgrade to a pro and I purchased it last October
The machine had lots of problems and issues from the beginning, they send me a replacement ( refurbished machine) and that machine is also having lots of issues I received a replacement light on July 19th and the machine was working fine next hung u know Saturday the lights won’t turn on and the arm won’t move I messaged them Saturday with pictures and video got an auto reply then Monday got a reply asking for more pictures I see the best pictures I could and as of today Wednesday have not heard back from anybody I am soo behind with my orders and I have angry costumers

How do I make them reply or call me back
I’m seriously about to loose my mind please help

The 2nd set of pictures is being looked at by tier 2 tech support. They’ll take longer to respond because it wasn’t any of the easy things.

FYI, sending additional emails and posting here just slows down their response because once they do have an answer they have to find all your duplicate requests and close them before they can respond.

Since it wasn’t something easy you’re likely in for a repair - so it’s time to figure out a backup machine you can use (local maker spaces, libraries, Joann’s, as well as services for hire) or to contact your customers and advise them there will be delay that may take weeks depending on what the problem is.


The issues you are having relate easily to problems with the black cable at the back of the lid. If you are rough in opening the lid to its maximum you can damage that cable quite easily. You can purchase the cable easily and replace it though replacing the new one is tricky to not damage the new one in replacing it.

My pro has been working fine for two years now though I had to replace a black cable once as well.

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I’m sorry for the trouble you’ve run into with your Glowforge and for the frustration this has caused. I agree that the best next step might be for one of our Technical Support Engineers to reach out to you via phone so we can look into this together in real time.

I found the support ticket you opened via email, and I’ve responded to you there with next steps to set up a call, so I’m going to close this forum thread and I’ll continue the conversation with you via email to schedule the call.