How do I make placarded like the one pictured with my glow forge

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You need some two color engraving acrylic, with a red cap color and white core color. Then you just engrave the design. Here’s where to buy some.

This thread has some discussion on settings to start with. Always do small tests to make sure the appearance is coming out how you’d like before running a full design and potentially wasting expensive material.

P.S. My experience with laser engraving red on white with a Glowforge is that the air assist fan will blow some of the vaporized red plastic into the white engraving, so you’ll need to run a second pass (which can be done at lower power and lower LPI) to clean it up and get a crisp white engrave area.


I’ve seen that too. It is worth doing small tests and comparing 2 passes with an alcohol cleaning.


thank you for the tips, very much appreciated! I have some of the material suggested on its way, will let you know how it turns out.

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