How do you share owner status & achieve basic trust level?

My husband and I love our Glowforge but only he has the Owner badge since it was his account that made the purchase. Also I have been here for months and still do not have the basic badge. I’m not sure what the magic is to get the basic badge but I am holding off on sharing things because I find posts where I need to add photos in the comments in order to have more than one very annoying.

Please assist.


I had the same problem, and @Jules advised me to email and ask if I could have my permissions updated. They changed something, and I don’t have owner status, but I do have the ability to share photos and files now. I assume that posting this thread will accomplish the same thing.

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Me Too. May they could give owners the ability to say which users they have who are co-owners. Not being able to post more than one photo is really frustrating.

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Similar situation here. My sister bought the GF for my graphic design business with the intent of us being co-owners.

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@racheluiza and @stpatty33, the same suggestion applies to each of you - you will need to either send an email to, or start a new topic here in the Problems and Support area.

I know it’s easier to just add a comment to a similar thread, but the support team gets tagged by new topics in this category, they do not go back and re-read all of the comments in the thread over and over again. So if you do not create a new topic, they might not see it.

(They might, but they are really slammed…if you want to make sure they see it…start a new topic…it opens your own ticket.) :wink:


I am confused about the Trust level descriptions in general. The descriptions do not seem correspond with how they are actually used. The descriptions make it sound like you should receive Basic after reading a few rules and if you look at the timing for those Owners who get basic, they do get their basic badge within an hour or less of joining the forums.
Member seems to require continuing to check in over a number of weeks according to the description, but since only about 7% of people who have Basic also have Member that criteria does not seem to be true. Which is fine, just wish there was a bit more transparency.
And Regular, which sounds like it should be the main level for people who are more than newbies, only lists “being a regular part of the community over a number of months” is only 187 people out of what looks like more than 10,000 forum members and the abilities that go with this level seem more like Moderator abilities, not someone I would describe as a Regular member.

Anyway, that is just my two cents, and there may be a good reason for how this works that I just don’t know about. But as a community member who has been here since December with reasonable activity level and still hasn’t reached Basic, while people with owner status on the list have Basic within an hour, the whole system seems out of wack.

And I know the staff is slammed and this is a low priority problem, which is why it took me so long to even say anything. But hopefully the can get some of this sorted out.

And I was just stopped from adding this reply because as a “New User” I’m only allowed to have 2 links in my comment, but I linked to the descriptions of Basic, Member and Regular trust levels. I am removing the link to the Regular trust level and will add it back in a separate reply. But this frustration level really does lead to me not using the forums as much as I might otherwise. sigh

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There is the link to the Regular trust level description since I was not allowed to keep it in my previous reply.

And apparently I replied too quickly after my last comment with this one. Not sure if that is a trust level thing too. But the forum made me split this into a second reply and then stopped me again saying I was replying too quickly. I am going to step away from the forums now as my frustration level has also going up too quickly.

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Yeah…Discourse has a lot of safeguards in place, and believe it or not, responding too quickly when you’re considered “new” makes you look like a bot. It will lock you out temporarily if you persist. (We had one gal who typed too fast…she got flagged by the system and blocked until @dan could unlock her. Had everyone scrambling. Pretty funny in retrospect, but not at the time.)

The concept of Co-Owners was not something that was considered when @dan set up the permissions for using the forum. It might be something that needs to be addressed eventually, but until then any changes have to be handled on an individual basis. As soon as someone from support who has the ability to make moderator changes sees it they can do something about it. But it’s a holiday weekend, they might be out enjoying life. (If they’re smart.) :smile:

Anyway, don’t get too frustrated by it, they’ll address it as soon as they can.


We sure want you to be able to post so thanks for bringing this to their attention.


I get the co-ownership thing. But based on how the badges say they are set up I shouldn’t have to be a owner to have gotten basic trust level by now. And through digging, I have seen some people who are not owners who do have basic and higher trust levels. I care much more about the trust level badge then about the owner badge.

If I’m not mistaken you can choose to de-badge yourself in discourse, in other words you can remove the “owner” badge and have none there. The trust levels all have to do with how many times you visit and contribute to conversations over the course of a year and it’s something done automatically. I was an early backer (had to cancel and repurchased so I’m back at egg status for a while). I have spent some time at every level by now!

That is the way it looks like it is supposed to work, but not how it is working. I have 53 days visited, 10 hours read time, 1.5k posts read, 65 hearts give, 4 topics created, 31 posts created and 76 hearts received and I still do not have basic trust level. My husband, who does have owner status, has only been on the forums a dozen times, no topics or posts, etc and he does have basic status. Also if you look at the people who most recently received basic status, most of them get it within an hour or joining the forum. I’ve been here since December.


I just peeped your page, and I saw where you’re not listed as any trust level. I’m sure that really is so frustrating and strange. Are you disallowed from sending a private message for example (see if you can send me one), or can you post more than one link in the forum? I think Jules is right and you’ve found a discourse bug.

I can not do most of the things on the discourse list you sent me. I can’t post more than 2 links or 1 photo, etc. But I can send private messages, which was an item on that list. So that is strange. Trying out more of the things on the list to see if they will work.

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Okay, I ran down the list of things new users can’t do. I did not try flagging as I didn’t want to flag something that shouldn’t be flagged just to see if I could. I also don’t know how to ““Reply as new topic” via Link button (UI removed)”. But of the rest of the list I can confirm that I can’t do any of them except that I can send private messages. It is strange that I can do one thing on the list but none of the others. Not sure if that information helps with anything.

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You can flag me on this post if you want to try it. I don’t think I’ll get put in the penalty box for one. :slight_smile:

Flags are primarily just notifications to Staff (if enough people flag a post, it will hide the content - but no penalties incur unless staff decides to uphold the flags).

@jbmanning5 & @mnemosyne, You are probably right, one flag is not a big deal, and apparently I can flag. I also undid the flag (which I didn’t realized is an option before or I wouldn’t have hesitated. So I can do two of the things on the list, which is quite strange.

Also mentioning @kevin6 just to make sure it works. I think I did the mention wrong previously, so I tried again and I can mention more than 2 members in a post. So 3 things on the list.

Fun fact…you can flag your own post.
Don’t ask… :crazy_face:


One thing to note about trust levels and requirements from this page; all of these requirements and permissions are adjustable. The Discourse Meta just gives you a list of what is recommended.

On that note, I believe that the invited users are different. They might not be on this list. I think the idea was originally for non-owners to be given access to a Glowforge/forums. Like @jules said, you will need to ask support to go from the invited user to owner track. @Rita should be able to help.

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