How else would you store your raw stock?

For a long time I’ve just been keeping all my :proofgrade: stock in the original box it came in on the floor under my :glowforge: Glowforge table. I finally decided today that I hated digging through the stack to find the material I was looking for.

Enter the material storage rack. It was designed in Fusion 360 and exported to SVG using the Shaper plug-in. It’s modeled after commercial lumber racks but designed to be made out of :proofgrade: draft board and dimensioned such that it can be cut out of two sheets (with a fair amount left over on the edge for other smaller projects). It’s sized for medium thickness, but thick might be a bit stronger.

(Please ignore just how dusty my :glowforge: is. It wasn’t apparent until I turned on the lights to start taking pictures. And by that point, who’s got time to stop and clean? :slight_smile: )

I also couldn’t resist engraving a quick logo into it. Keeping the paper inside the outline gives it a nice two-toned appearance. :sunglasses:
I was initially concerned about how much weight it could safely hold, but I’ve loaded up a good portion of my stock on it and it seems to actually make it more stable. I still think Thick draft board wouldn’t be a bad idea, but Medium is holding up well so far.


There’s still a lot of space left in it, so I guess I’ll have to go ahead and fill it the rest of the way up.

I think the craziest thing is that this was just an idea this morning. With basically napkin-level sketches, and an hour or so of tuning in kerf adjustments on some scrap (I’d never designed for press-fit joints before) this thing came to life. The power of the Glowforge!

I’m also curious to see what other folks are doing for their storage. This works, but isn’t a super efficient use of space. If there’s a demand for this design, I can post it in Free Designs. (Skipping for now mostly because it’s late and I’m lazy. But feel free to ask and I’ll do it.)


Wow! I love it! (And I can’t believe the medium DB is holding that much stock.) :sunglasses::+1:


I don’t know that this specifically applies to your design, but fun and interesting nonetheless.

I introduce, The Sagulator (the other utilities on the site are pretty cool too)


Ooo, that’s a neat calculator (and I love the name). I might run this design through it just to see how close SWAGing got me to design limits.

But more importantly, going to use that for the shelves I’m building in my basement.


Looks really nice!
One thing I was worried even only looking at the image is the weight on top of the Glass Lid! :scream:
Nice one!


Glass is a much stronger material than people realize. I’ve done some very mean things to glass in a past life and it holds its own. A couple of pounds of wood spread out over that area isn’t going to do anything.


It’s tempered glass, so when it goes it goes all at once. A few people on the forum have had the misfortune of dropping a ceramic magnet, which is harder than glass and can instantly shatter the lid.


Not arguing that it’s indestructable. Just that it’s fine holding a bit of weight spread out. But 5 pounds on a diamond point and sure, bad things are happening.


You’re one forum search away from seeing what pieople are using for storage. There are lots of threads about it, no need to repost in this thread.

I bought a bunch of half inch oak 8 inch wide for making racks, but have not figured out a good system to put it together as yet.

I wasn’t trying to be critical. It’s a very cool make!

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I absolutely LOVE it! I would love if you shared as I am going nuts trying to find an easier method of storage. All mine sit under my GF also and it really is a pain going through it! Great Job! :slight_smile:

I was trying to figure out a way to organize materials on some shelving that I put together. This gives me so great ideas.

I will try to post the files tonight, but it might not be until tomorrow that I’m able to get back at my computer. Once I do, I’ll post a link in here so that they’re easy to find.

One of the things that I was worried about in the design was the shelves not running the full depth of the material. Instead, it is sized to run a little bit further than halfway past center so that most of the mass is supported. Each shelf is 7" deep, so holding 12" deep stock keeps it steady and doesn’t feel tippy. I wouldn’t go any smaller than about 7", though.


You’re awesome! I just love when one thing brings more creative ideas into mind :slight_smile:

I was able to squeeze in some computer time early tonight. Here’s the post with files and layout.


@nic.fouts is generous to share his work, but a friendly reminder: it is against forum rules to ask for other people’s files.

If someone shares a print that they’ve made, please respect their sharing and do not ask for the source design or artwork.


That’s my bad. My original post told folks to let me know if they wanted the files.


oh, shoot, I missed that. my bad too, & apologies to @mmullen501

as to how that works with the forum rules…? from what I have seen here, there is always someone who will want just about any file that anyone makes, and certainly any functional, finished file. So my personal thought on the matter is that if you have designed something that you are inclined to share, just go ahead and share it because there are people who will be interested in it (no matter what it is).


It’s ok :slightly_smiling_face:. I forgot about that rule also. Thanks.