Material Storage Rack


As shown off in this post, I worked on a material storage rack for my :proofgrade: material. I’d love to see if you make your own or improve on it.

SVGs available here:
Material (1.6 KB)

It was designed in Fusion 360 and exported with the Shaper plug-in. It’s made for Proofgrade Medium Draftboard, but I suspect any of the Medium thickness materials should work. You can get all the cuts done on two sheets of draftboard, but I had to do 4 separate passes because of alignment top to bottom. For some reason, I couldn’t get my forge to let me set up all 4 pieces on the sheet even though they should fit.

Ultimately, this is how I actually did the cuts. But do what works best for you.

But yeah, cut out 4 of each part (8 total) and then they just press-fit together. The slots are sized at 0.119 which worked really well on half my draft board but was very tight on a different sheet. Adjust as necessary (or sand it a little).

How else would you store your raw stock?

Thanks for sharing!


Thank You! Always looking for storage ideas!


Very kind of you to share, thank you!


Thank you for sharing this great project.


Great share … Thank you!


Very kind of you. This would also make an excellent drying rack - thoughtful gift for a painter.


Oo, interesting idea. I would probably size the openings a lot smaller (more like that top gap) in order to stack more sheets in. (Guessing that you only have one sheet per level rather than a thick stack of wood.)


yes and probably could optimize for the commonly used canvas sizes (a lot of people are making painted signs as well so it’s good for crafters as well)


Thank you so much! I cut from the medium draftboard as well and my materials are now nicely organized under my glowforge desk!