How I Make Wood and Plexiglass Light Catchers

These are some of the Light Catchers I made using
Mirrored Plexiglass and Baltic Birch plywood.

It is hard to take pictures of mirrors. I used light
Reflected off a white background to light the light
Catchers. They are much more beautiful when seen
In person.

SVGs for all of the Light Catchers, and a tutorial I put together
on how to create the frame from Stained Glass patterns using
Photoshop and Illustrator are in the attached zip file. The tutorial
has lots of pictures.

Step 1
Cut the wood frame

Step 2
Cut the Plexiglass pieces. Leave the protective paper or plastic
on the Plexiglass.
Cut the Plexiglass with the shiny side up.
The pieces are in the Color folder

Step 3
Cut Clear Label Backing and felt.
I use OL175CL Clear Gloss labels
and self adhesive felt. You can get the felt on Amazon
or Wall Mart.

The clear plastic unifies and strengthens the entire project.
I have dropped one from head height without it breaking or
Loosing any pieces.

The adhesive on the plastic is very strong. Once placed, the wood
Frame and Plexiglass pieces will not come off.

Step 4
Place the wood frame on the plastic backing.

Step 5
Insert the pieces

Step 6
Turn the Light Catcher over and apply the felt.

Step 7
Turn the Light Catcher over and remove the protective
paper or plastic.

SVG & Tutorial (6.2 MB)
How to convert a stained glass pattern for laser cutting.pdf (9.5 MB)


Great tutorial! :grinning:
( I’ll shift it to the Tips and Tricks section for you and add it to the Matrix.)


Ahhh, technique posts. The best kind.

Nice work. Do you do any kerf correction on your cuts?


These are beautiful, but I don’t understand the felt. Doesn’t it block the light? Does it serve a purpose?

I think because of using the sticky clear plastic backing to hold the pieces in place, it needs something to protect the thin layer of clear plastic. So they’re more the reflective than refractive sort of light catchers. :slight_smile:

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No kerf correction.

These are Mirrored Plexiglass. Light is reflected and does not ship through. The felt adds more strength and protects the surface that the mirror is hanging on.



Even though the plastic is thin, it is very tough.

You can also use clear Plexiglass to create a stained glass piece. Don’t apply the felt.



Thanks! That makes sense! I was thinking of the earlier versions which had the clear plexi.

I would imagine clear plexi would bring a bubble issue. You’d have to be pretty diligent to not get bubbles between the plastic and plexi. Frosted plexi would probably look outstanding though?

Anyway, great work as is.


Bubbles can be a problem. I found that puncturing the bubble with a needle removes the bubble.


Ohhhhhhhh, gorgeous!

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WOW! Thank you!

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Wow. Great projects and so thoughtful of you to share the files.

It might even get me to try my own now :slight_smile:

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Thank you! These are great.

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Thank you for this great tutorial and files. Lovely work.

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Very effective. Thanks for sharing a tutorial.

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What an amazing project! Well done! you should be proud of yourself! :clap:t2:

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These look great! Where do you source your mirrored plexiglass and Baltic birch?

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For Plexiglass I have been using
Delviesplastics and estreetplastics.
I got Baltic Birch from Amazon (Woodpeckers)


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