How to change cut lines to score lines in Inkscape

Someone designed an ornament they want me to make en masse and sent me the file. I broke it all apart and have my layers separated, but want to create score lines where some of the more intricate parts are on one of the layers. How can I change the lines within the building to score while still cutting the top part out above the roof? I’m using Inkscape to try to accomplish this. Thanks!


In inkscape change the lines that should be scored to a different color than the lines that should be cut - when you upload that to the GFUI they’ll be a separate step and you can assign them to score instead of cut.


Thank you!


While you’re on the topic this is a good time to talk about custom color palettes. It can make it a lot simpler to ensure that your steps are in your desired order (generally engraves then scores then cuts)


get the Inkscape color palette mentioned in this thread. it will make your life much easier!!!

you can change a line color and presto it is a separate step, so then you can cut score engrave to your hearts content!


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