How to create a border and shape/letters blend together

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I am struggling how to make a border (ring shape) and a name cut out as one piece. I have searched for videos. I know I am not using the correct terminology but I hope the image I found online will makes sense as to what I am trying to learn.

Any takers on helping a struggling art teacher figure this out??

What software are you using.? In Inkscape, you should consider watching Logos by Nick on YouTube for lots of helpful tips. We can only hep if you let us know what design software you have.


ive tried inkscape and a tutorial on glowforge.
I will give the suggestion a try.

You won’t be able to accomplish the task in the Glowforge interface as there is no weld option.

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Shameless self-promotion, but I made a video that covers this:


I don’t use illustrator for my classroom. I am limited to Inkscape.
I wish someone knew how to do exactly what you showed me on inkscape. I wish I knew what it’s called for what I am trying to do.
Weld has popped up.

Sorry. In Inkscape you are going to Combine, not weld. First you must convert your text to a path, as the Glowforge does not recognize text except from the premium features of the interface. After your text is a path, you want to combine the path of the text with the path of your border.


I tried to teach myself Inkscape but it escaped me (pun intended). I went with CorelDraw which you can get at a discounted rate for education. I know that won’t help you right now. However, I’m more then happy to design something for you if you need it in a pinch. Happy to show you as well in CorelDraw.

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This suddenly popped back into my head and I was like “why didn’t I suggest Cuttle?”. I’m suggesting Cuttle.



This is so cool! Are you able to export it as an SVG?

Yes, you can export as SVG, PDF, or PNG from Cuttle

Just saw this. Thanks for recording this tutorial! Nicely explained :+1:

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