How to cut interior bevels

I’m looking at some designs where the outer edges of the product would have a beveled edge that narrows towards the top. The inner cutout of the product would have a beveled edges where the bevel matches the outer edge bevel. May I assume that I need to flip the product over for the second cut/bevel pass? My impression is that the GF laser is essentially pointed vertically downward (I’m open to being corrected).

The image on the left is a top view and the one on the right shows the bevels.



I’m not sure what your going for. But cutting bevels on the GF would be pretty difficult. The laser only cuts vertically and doesn’t have any kind of angulation on the the head or the table built in.

Can you gaffer something? maybe, but it would do this out of the box.

Here is a good discussion of this.

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I imagine that if you know your product material well enough and they get the grey scale working that you could possible use that to do the 45° ends of the piece. Altho i think there are easier ways to do it then using the laser.

Once Glowforge can do 2.5d engraving this would be possible with a grayscale gradient. The difficulty is controlling the actual depth of the bevel because different power ranges and speeds produce different results. 40-45w is low to do basse relief engraving very deeply, so you’d probably end up running multiple passes to get the results you’re after.