How to get help


Ugh - so sorry something’s wrong! Let me try to get you pointed in the right direction for a solution.

If you have a question, the answer is very likely here, on this forum. While there’s an FAQ, you’re going to get the best results from the magnifying glass in the top-right corner. The people here are amazing, and have asked most interesting things you might ask.

If that doesn’t work, your fastest response is probably to post it here. If it’s not a personal matter (e.g. you can’t find your receipt), then if you post it here, our friendly and helpful community will probably be able to help immediately. Our support team will also chime in to make sure your answer is correct.

Unlike other areas of the forum, we work hard to keep the content here clear and on-topic. We’ll rewrite your question to make it more clear so others can find it and benefit from the answer later. We’ll ask you to post multiple questions separately. When a question has been answered, we’ll close the topic. (Of course, you’re always welcome to start a thread in Everything Else to discuss the topic once it’s closed, and if the problem reoccurs, post again).

If you have a problem you need handled one-on-one, like a missing receipt or a lost tracking number, then send an email to It’s best to either post in the forum OR email us - if you do both, we’ll have to close one before we answer, and it will take longer to get solved than if you just did one.

Hope this gets you pointed to a speedy resolution!