How to line up pieces

I have the Pro version and I am using the pass through for a 16" round I am engraving a design on it and having difficulties lining it up to the previous portion. Every time I think I have it perfect I hit print and it scans the project and moves my design and so it becomes off center. Any help or tips?

Search the forum for passthrough, there are a lot of posts about how to align things. The bottom line is that you have to learn to ignore the camera and use jigs and careful methodology. Right now, GF does not have the auto alignment software released to the world, though they’re said over and over that they are working on it.


Oh also, you might want to break your design up and assemble it like puzzle pieces, depending on your design. It’s sometimes the fastest surest way to get to where you’re trying to go.


Thank you so much!!! Yes I’ve broken it apart in two pieces luckily on this one I’m covering with words

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There are ways to make those joints look pretty cool, too. Have you see my post on butt joints?

There are a lot of ways to solve this problem. :slight_smile:

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