How to separate parts of image for cutting scoring and engraving

Hi. I hope this is in the right area, I am still getting used to the forums. I have a jpg image that I have brought into illustrator and then converted it to a vector image. I want to be able to do a score on all of the flower petals and then cut out around the outside of the whole image and also cut out the black areas where there are gaps between some of the flowers as well as either cut out the black centers of the flowers or engrave those parts (I haven’t decided which yet). I have searched for tutorials on line for illustrator to show me how but not having luck finding the info. Any help or directions is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mike

the GFUI (GlowForgeUserInterface) orders and selects operations based on color.

I would recommend doing a quick search for “glowforge palette”

and you will find the one for Illustrator.

then it is a matter of changing the colors for scoring, cutting and engraving as you need.

so when the image goes into the GFUI, you can then select which color gets which operation and remember you want to cut LAST. so things are shifting during the JOB.

Oh and when Jules or one of the other Illustrator whizzes shows up you will be good to go if you already have the palette installed.


Pick three colors and assign them to each of the drawing elements, the Glowforge UI will see the different colors when the document is uploaded and make an attempt to assign different functions for each of the assigned colors.

I use 0.25 pt stroke red (no fill), for cutting sequences, 0.25 pt stroke cyan (no fill), for scoring sequences, and magenta fill (no stroke) for engraving, as my primary setup. If the document needs more layers or additional separation to ensure accuracy, I simply add more colors, using the same style of weight and fill. Most of the time, the Glowforger UI will auto-assign the correct sequences when I am using proofgrade materials and these three line styles.


I will add that the GFUI never defaults to score except in :glowforge: provided designs. It’ll default everything to cut (a score is a really weak cut). Something to be aware of :slight_smile:


Thank you everybody for the replies. I am not sure how to change the color of say that centers of the flowers. Right now everything is black other than the background. How would I separate the centers from the petals? Thank you and sorry for so many questions. Mike

This should get you started:

You’ll need to physically separate the nodes for the areas you want to change the colour on. It’s not a few seconds process, it’ll take some time. Use the same instructions as above, but invert them to get the centers of the flowers and the tiny black bits.


Thank you. I will try this and report back later today. Thank you again!


If you have TeamViewer installed on your computer, or feel like downloading it, I would be happy to help guide you through the necessary adjustments to your file.


Thank you very much for offering, I really appreciate it. I do not have it installed but could for sure. Do you want me reach to you offline? Thank you again.

Message me and we can make arrangements to get together and go over your file via TeamViewer.

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