How to set the length setting in glowforge app

I’m wanting to make larger projects. Unfortunately i am running into issue setting the length! Somebody please help me I’m am super frustrated right now!!

Not sure what you’re referring to as length.
If you have a Pro - do you mean how to use the passthrough slot?
If you have a Basic - what you see is what you get - you can zoom in and out of the bed, but it doesn’t get any longer. You can set the depth/height of the material by selecting Set Focus under the gear icon on the top menu of the user interface (GFUI)

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Length typically would refer to a dimension of the design. Perhaps you are trying to figure out the length/width of materials? Not sure what the problem is.

Height of focus or thickness of material is the only dimension you can address in the GFUI.

Size issues are found in several domains. Please give a little more information as to where you are in the workflow when you encounter problems.

  1. Start with a 20x12 artboard.
  2. Ensure your design software resolution is correct in regard to DPI/PPI
  3. Make sure your SVG or PDF is saved correctly.
  4. Make sure your units of measurement are consistent across the workflow.

The GFUI app in the browser does not have a function to scale a design in precise increments. You can enlarge or make smaller any design you put into it and you can rotate it.

If you want a specific dimension, the best it to set that in your design program.

What are you using?


If you’re printing on a Glowforge Pro and want to use the passthrough, here’s how: run the first part of your print, move the material, run the next part, etc. To line up each print with the previous one, you can use a ruler, a jig that you print, or the camera.

Here’s a great post from a customer describing their Passthrough technique: Passthrough Alignment Tutorial with Manual Indexing
And this one shows how a customer worked on a big cut. Matching up cuts on the pass through slot - making a RC airplane

I’m going to close this thread. If you have any other questions, please feel free to start a new post or write in to

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