How to support the Pandemic situation with our Laser cutters?

Hi Team. i have been reading there is an opensource project in Europe that allows to create respirators to support the situation of patients with Coronavirus… it looks like they use 3d printing and laser cutting. i have not been able to find the project and see how can we support and escalate this to US by using our cutters… please if any of you knows anything about it , lets share so we can support others .

i might be using the wrong forum so please let me know if i need to place this in another one


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There was just a post about this, let me see if I can find it. Here we go:

Also I made a post about the prusa project:


This was announced during the Glowforge Zoom chat on March 22, 2020. (It was 10:00AM - 11:00AM PST.)


Great idea. I am going to move this to everything else as it doesn’t quite fit the free laser design box


Hi - I literally opened my Glowforge up yesterday and set it up. We have a Prusa 3D printer and now the lovely new baby Glowforge. We are making face shields using the Prusa design. A friend who is a nurse is going to take some prototypes to our local hospital to try out. The problem is the 3D print design takes 3 hours to print.

This design used a laser cutter. I’m trying to make it on the Glowforge. It should be quick to cut. Uses .20" PETG. I’m searching to learn how to put the material type/settings into the GF. I have A LOT to learn :slight_smile:


Thank you I’ve forwarded to our 4H robotics club.


There are downloadable laser cut files here.
The problem here is that I think the PET is 22" long.

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