How was this even made!? Hollow clear acrylic?


Like, I know how most of it is made, but how does one get that top piece of hollow clear acrylic so that the little bits can move and shake around inside? Does that make sense? It’s not etched out because it wouldn’t be so clear, right?

Wait…epiphany…is it three layers and the middle layer is just the outside edge? Ohhhh I think I just solved it myself while writing this. Ha. I’ll still post it because all their stuff is next level amazing.


Cool design!

I think that’s right.


Yep, just a spacer ring. Same way I made the infinity thing, the middle layer is hollow.


Why on earth was this flagged?


Thanks :slight_smile:


I have no idea and it’s incredibly frustrating. It’s my first post ever and I’m a regular gf user.


My account also got blocked for a few hours and only now can I even post responses and haven’t gotten an answer.


Yeah struggling to understand that as well.
At first i thought it might have been sales spam (no offense intended @tehclairemeister) but that is obviously not the case.

The only other reason I can come up with is that perhaps this is someones page and they don’t want their ideas used? Even that would be a bit ambitious to flag for


Absolutely no reason this should be flagged or hidden.


Agreed, especially not when it’s their first post. Sorry that happened to you @tehclairemeister


Sometime soon I’m sure @dan will dismiss the flag/flags as it does appear to be a… flagrant misuse…


As others have said, @dan reviews flags daily (well, nightly) and will no doubt clear it and your account.


To be fair, if one just skimmed the link preview it really does look like it might be a bot link to a spam drug site. I had to stop and reread it all before clicking through to see that it wasn’t. Not your fault the web page is made that way.


Yup, that was my initial reaction too

One would hope that people actually read a post before wielding the flag-hammer though


I didn’t flag it, but given the recent conversations elsewhere on the forum, I wonder if someone might have gotten a little over anxious about copyright and asking for instructions on how to duplicate a work found on Etsy.

Flags are not a big deal, unless you keep acquiring them, so definitely don’t let it sour you on forum participation. I like shaker boxes, and have designed a few over the years. The flag is just a request for attention. Most of them get overturned. :wink:


It may have been an accident. Welcome to the forum! this is an amazing place for help, inspiration or getting flagged for no good reason. :crazy_face:


Hopefully that flag gets removed soon. The thing you posted is pretty neat


I get it now, it was just quite shocking and sudden, and I tried pretty hard to figure it out for a minute then gave up. Also i was having a really horrible morning and I popped over here to try to relax :joy: so it was just rough timing. I get that accidents happen and I understand now. I just had no context to know if that was possible or likely and banhammers just have a way of feeling personal. Thanks for all the clarifying info :slight_smile:


Here’s the thing in question for anyone confused.

Edit, here’s an SVG for how I would make this. You will need to add your own art get the perspective of the lid right, but feel free to adjust as needed. I didn’t test this file.


I’m going to guess it was flagged by mistake and will get unflagged really soon…