Howling Wolf Earrings

Made these today. Nothing spectacular but it took me a while to perfect the process. I made a lot of scrap along the way :slight_smile:
I stained one half of a 1/8 thick basswood board black and the other half neutral (both sides). Then I covered the entire thing with semi-gloss poly. Once dry I covered both sides with blue painters tape.
In inkscape I used the stroke-to-path method to get the right kerf compensation (many tries). I also flipped the insert pieces over 180 degrees horizontally before cutting. Since the laser cut width changes with depth, flipping the inserts over before cutting makes the inserts wider at the surface AND the holes wider at the surface effectively canceling out the cut angle. The way I glue them together is messy but works great. There is just enough of a gap between the pieces to force wood glue in using my finger tip, so I smear the entire thing with glue and then wipe up the excess with a wet cloth. The added benefit of doing it this way is that any tiny gaps get completely filled.
Anyway, I was pleased with the results. I’m sure everyone has their own process for this sort of work.


Everyone has different methods, but yours is pretty dang good. I like the color separation of the two pieces.

I assume the other side is a inverted color scheme then? Or did you stain both sides black to keep the colors the same?


Thanks. They are identical on the back. White foreground and black sky.

I fooled with inlaying prestained pieces once:

I never did go back to the idea, I sort of started to lean toward different wood species instead. It does give a good sharp contrast though. Hmm.


Very nice! I’d prefer to use different species of wood, and I actually tried this first with PG maple and walnut, but strangely enough there was a pretty significant difference in the thickness from one to the other so once assembled the pieces weren’t smooth, and since PG is already finished I didn’t want to sand them down to just to flatten them out.

Yeah getting two pieces that are the correct thickness is key if it can be viewed from both sides.

I get most of my hardwoods from Kim Oberlin on ebay or from ocooch hardwoods.

They’re both really consistent thickness, which is nice. If you ever want to do inlayed layered boxes, you cant have any difference in thickness at all… In fact, no matter what I sand them smooth before layering. Like this one:

Or this one:


I also do woodturning and the space invaders lidded box reminds me of the way segmented vessels are made. Here is a jar I made using that technique:


Oh that’s really nice work. What are the red bands made of?

(@shogun, check it)

Also, I know a canopic jar when I see one. :slight_smile:


Thanks. The red is padauk. The majority of the rest is maple. The base is walnut. The thin border rings are dyed veneer.
EDIT: Correction. The red is purple heart.


What it looks like while being glued up.


Those are awesome! And I do the same thing to get pieces to fit together!


That is very nice work! Love the turning too!


Your earrings look fantastic! Love the contrast.

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Those are lovely! I’m presuming as a bonus you get a second set of earrings that are black wolves on a wood sky :slight_smile:

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Actually, no. I only cut one of the frame/wolf and then cut a separate set of just the inserts in black. So the only scrap left over is the white inserts.

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