I had asked that my Glowforge be delayed until the filter was ready. I've changed my mind

Please go ahead and send the Glowforge ASAP and the filter whenever it’s ready. I just saw the latest postponement. I was eagerly anticipating he 30th of this month and now you’ve delayed it again. This time it’s delayed until October 31.

I’ll figure out how not to die from fumes in the mean time.

I’ve been waiting since “Sat, 3 Oct 2015, 14:52” (the date on your order confirmation email to me) and figured enough is enough.

I was going to add this to my original post on the topic, but…

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Just to let you know, Glowforge is offering a Compact Filter that is ready now (I believe) and it works fine to filter the smells from the laser. (I’ve been testing one and there is no smell when it’s running. Many people have received them now.)

You can get more information on the Compact Filter and sign up for it here:

Should you decide you want one of these instead of waiting for the Glowforge filter unit, you should be sure to mention it in your emails to Support, and list it somewhere on the sign up sheet that you want to schedule your Glowforge delivery too, so they can try to coordinate the arrival with your Glowforge.


To initiate your Glowforge shipment, please write in to support@glowforge.com or, as @jules mentioned, you can opt for the Compact Filter instead. Either way, we can’t wait for you to get your Glowforge!