AND THIS GUY gets the award!

What he did was cut open the bottom of his case so he can engrave bigger stuff!

Go down the rabbit hole with me!!!


Why did you start a new thread? Like you want to have a different discussion about hardware hacking from what’s in that thread?

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I want to collect more stories of hardware hacking… – get them cats herded!
you KNOW I love this subject!!!


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Hmm the best hack I have seen lately is this one:

It’s pretty astonishing.


:exploding_head: :astonished::exploding_head: :astonished::exploding_head: :astonished:

This guy must love Kraftwerk!


but…but…but… that poor wiring!!!


Wow, I’m speechless.

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Maybe this is a job better suited for tags than a megathread… I see a “mod” tag on that post that yields a few hits.

IMHO tags are underutilized on this forum.


I completely agree!

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Saw that a few days ago myself. I knew the 1541/1571 could run programs without the computer attached because it has the same CPU as the C64 itself. But that was the first time I’ve seen someone get video out of it. Kind of crazy people are still doing things with nearly 40 year old hardware that make me go “wait… what?” :slight_smile:


it is surprising nothing shorted out when he cut the wire that way.




It might have, but I suspect two things: one he doesn’t have the disk in so no signal is being sent and two I bet the data pins are seriously current limited by inline resistors. You just want voltage, not amperage. I’m guessing it can’t hurt anything even if it shorted while “hot”.

All that is assuming that there was no trickery in the video editing and that everything was done in real time on the live system.

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I am skeptical. The 1541-II did indeed have a 6502, which is basically the same thing as the 6510 in the C64 (same as the Apple I and II). But it didn’t have a lot of RAM, really just enough to act as a data buffer plus a bit more. You could indeed run programs on the floppy, it had a basic kind of operating system built-in. But the most advanced I remember ever seeing was a program that let you daisy chain floppy drives to make bulk copies without a computer to run it all. Bit banging video like this, with that processor and memory space seems a significant stretch. And the video is suspiciously clean. A C64’s dedicated video chip would be challenged to do as good a job. I am skeptical. :slight_smile:

Clearly you need to go get some vintage c64 hardware and try this. It’s downloadable, you know, for science!


There are also other people who tried it:


Seems pretty legit, just crazy.


Well camera had to be relocated now at the front right (under the button) the location i had was GREAT the gantry didn’t hit it, but when doing a wide cut the laser hit it, so back to finding a place that was free and clear.

[forgive the blurryness) I will refocus the camera once I know its in a good place)

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Love the camera idea and all, but another fun option is mirrors. Great option to be used to capture image in an unsafe/hard to view environment.


yea, that is a kinda cool idea for a hack - I want to keep an eye on the job, but not have to stand over the GF like a boiling cauldron of chicken soup. - also I want to see about getting into AI camera tech to spot smoke / fire


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