I have a bone to pick with glowforge

So I received my laser about a month ago, got about 10 prints in before I noticed one of the wheels of the laser head carriage was worn away and wobbling, causing every print and engraving I had to turn out terribly :rage:

So I send a note to Glowforge, and what do they do?!?

-They respond to my email immediately, sincerely apologizing
-They don’t make me ship back something I have been waiting 2 years for
-They ship a new part immediately, making sure it arrives before christmas
-They give me very easy-to-follow instructions on how to replace the broken part
-Then they have the audacity to tell me I don’t need tools and that the replacement will take 5 minutes.
-The replacement took 2 minutes and it prints perfectly. About 7 days from when I told them about the issue to when i was printing again. RIDICULOUS

You’ve given me nothing to complain about and I am very disappointed. Your customer service is fantastic, and the build quality of the machine makes it a dream to work with. Ridiculous. I expected less from you. Try harder to be a terrible startup next time.



Damn! I like your style! :smile:


You should have pressed #2 that is the menu option to get treated like crap. Just so you know for future reference and all. :slight_smile:


ha ha ha…I had to re-read some of these sentences to “get” it. It wasn’t sinking in at first. Glad they got you squared away!


I’m sorry to hear you haven’t had so much trouble. I’ve run into the same thing with my Glowforge. Every time I turn around they’re making improvements and responding quickly to issues. It’s some way to run a company, I’ll tell ya. Good news is, things can only get worse. :wink:



Glowforge is Awesome! I did have to ship mine back but they sent me the new one even before I sent the old one back! New one works super and feels more solid!

Glowforge Rock!


Nice setup. I’m thinking, “great, another wane whiner is here to tell us how the #= thing keeps printing what he fed it instead of what he was thinking”.


Lol your heading had me hooked. Gosh darn it Kye, why are you so nice.


Well they DID manage to send a Mattress instead of a :glowforge: once. Or so it appeared.
Got to roll with the tide, as it were, and make the best of things.

Which opens the door with an opportunity to revive this…


Invent New SMELLS… DAILY !!

Is going on my resume.


I’m so sorry this has been a disappointing process for you. If you’d like I can send you instructions on how to thoroughly destroy your Glowforge so you may have more severe irreparable grievances. :smile:


Good one! I am really glad to hear that they are sending out some parts if they wear out.:):grin:



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I must be accidentally pressing 2 whenever I call DirecTV.

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I concur with your assessment. Customer service has been fantastic. They replaced my GF due to an issue with the back panel coming loose and vibrating loudly during operation. The experience was pretty much as good as it could have been.

I also love the participation here on the forums. What other company has a CEO who regularly reads and responds on customer forums?

I have a very high bar when it comes to recommending products, but I find myself enthusiastically recommending GF to my coworkers, family, and friends. The product is not perfect, but I have confidence in the company and believe they will stand behind it and continue to make incremental improvements. I am really looking forward to the day when volumes have driven the cost down so that many more people can have a laser in their home.


Wow…I am laughing out loud (I know, I know…LOL’ing) on this one. Funnnnyyy approach to a fine note to Glowforge. :rofl:

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I hope that’s soon. I need another pro!

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You cloud say it was a glowing note. :grin:


Even in making things worse, the GF team tries to improve the process. What is this world coming to? :rofl: